Now I remember why I avoid parades.

It’s not often I can remember things from almost 30 years ago.  But in this case I can.  Until today, the very last time I went to a parade on purpose (not counting stumbling over a Disneyland parade) was the Daffodil Parade of 1987.  At the time, the father of the girl I was dating was a Daffodilian.  This was the group in charge of the Daffodil festivities, and they all donned yellow jackets to march at the very END of the parade.

The family (and boyfriends evidently) of these people were given the opportunity to sit in the bleachers at the very end of the route.  I distinctly remember offering my seat to be given to someone “more deserving”, but I was outvoted (and though her mom was a great lady, one did NOT argue with) so I was there for hours….  (For the record I thought he was the coolest guy and had the biggest smile as he waved walking past)

That was the last parade I went to….Until today!

As most of you well know the Seahawks won the Superbowl!  Today was the celebration parade.  Seattle initially estimated there would be 300,000 people descending on downtown.  The last count I saw was 700,000 showed up.  Basically, all of western Washington was there!

The Mighty P allowed us to attend said festivities.  Gotta give them props for that, because other people had to call in sick today.  The down side, it was one of the coldest days of the year.  The temp didn’t above freezing , and the wind was blowing. The only good thing is that it wasn’t raining.

At about 10, a herd of us headed downtown toward Westlake center.  The place was already mobbed.  We lost the rest of the clan when we got there, but Michelle and I stuck together.


As you can see, when we got there, the sun was on us and it wasn’t that cold at all.  Had the parade started on time (it was scheduled to start at 11) it woulda been great.  It didn’t.  I have NO idea what the issue was, but as time drug on there was nothing to see.  We kept looking for signs that something was approaching.  We watched the choppers in the air


To see if that indicated the parade was moving.  it wasn’t.  We watched the people on the roofs around us.  Nuthin.  And as time went on, we ended up out of the sun and into the shade, which made it even colder.  I had broken out my mountain parka and even I got cold…

Finally, 2 hours after we got there, the parade arrived…  6 or 7 buses full of people went by, then the Duck (amphibious vehicles)


that were carrying the Hawks arrived.  We were too far back to see much, but we caught a cheerleader land Marshawn Lynch on our camera.

imageimageBut by that time, I was frozen solid and needed a bathroom NOW!!  It was time to leave.

We made it back to the Mighty P to use the facilities, then headed off to Woodinville for lunch and to visit the mom in law.  We saw some TV footage at that time, and it was amazing how many people were downtown!  Hell half the state musta been there!

After mom’s we decided we deserved some fun time and went to hit a winery or two.  The first we went to, which shall remain nameless, was deserted.  We walked in, shouted, and no one answered.  I think someone was in the restroom, but we were unsure…  We hung out for 10 minutes and no one came to the counter.  I will say, right here and now, the younger, more unscrupulous mountainstroh of days gone by

215821_1035816049377_7837_nMIGHT have considered liberating a bottle or two from the storeroom….  The more mature me?  Nah!  NEVER crossed my mind!

We went across the street, tasted at Alexandra Nicole, picked up the spring offering and went home to build a big fire! All in all, not the day I had hoped for, but overall, a day I won’t forget.

its days like this that help you remember that its not the events around you, or what you hope will occur, its the people you experience them with that matter!

Go Hawks!  Thanks for a great season and my first ever Superbowl experience!




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