Are Sharks Fish?

You just never know what conversation you will walk into at any given time…

Lately, Michelle has been enjoying having an Emerald City Blueberry Blast smoothie for lunch.  They are good, filling, and healthy.  Even better, there is one only a 5 minute walk from the office.  Since it has been butt cold lately, and me being the gentleman that I am (when I am not cold and callous), I make the quick run for her to pick one up.

Today, I went in, just like any other day, and walked into a VERY strange conversation.  The first thing I hear is the lady behind the counter say.  “Sharks aren’t fish!”Now I went to WSU to be a science teacher.  I have dissected MANY different things.  I have been to untold numbers of aquariums and zoos in my time.  Not to mention having watched Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” a time or two.  So I know sharks are fish.  Granted they are cartilaginous fish (meaning the skeleton is made of cartilage not bone like ours or other fish) but they have gills and live in the water.  They are fish.

I could have kept my mouth shut and just ordered Michelle’s smoothie, but that’s just not me.  So without thinking I agreed with the 2 guys there “A shark is definitely a fish!”

She looked at me and countered with “Well I just never thought of a gold fish and a shark being the same thing!”

I wanted to say “Well mice and whales are both mammals!  And look nuthin alike.” But for once I thought better, I still needed a smoothie. 

She pondered for a second and then conceded “Well they are BIG fish!”  To which I thoroughly agreed!  I thought this ended the discussion, but then she had to keep going.

“But they don’t have hearts!”

At that point and time the two guys that were in there before me just looked at me, sorta questioning.  Almost as if to ask “Do sharks have hearts?”

Well I pondered here for a second as well.  Yes they have hearts.  On that there is no question.  But the teacher in me tried to claw its way out.  Do I go into the fact that there are only two chambers in a shark heart while we have 4?  This time I took the easy way out, I had to get back for boxing class, and there wasn’t a flip chart around for me to do diagrams while I explained. 

So I looked at her, smiled, and said, “Yep they sure do, has to pump the shark blood around.” 

Now I was a customer, but I am going there often enough that I am almost am regular.  So I could almost see the wheels spinning in her head.  “Will I get in trouble if I roll my eyes at him?  How do I know he is right?  Should I just drop it?”

And then she went somewhere I wasn’t expecting.  I was thinking maybe teeth or gills or tail or something. But nope, she went to the one place I have no knowledge about at all.

She got all determined and proud of herself look and said, “Well a shark doesn’t have a soul!!”

Once again the guys looked at me, and I surrendered.  Threw my hands up and said “Sorry guys I am out!  I just come in for a smoothie, I have no clue about souls or whether sharks have then or not!”  For the briefest second I tried to come up with a pun using the fish called a sole, but I had nuthin.

She got an “I win!” look on her face and said, “OK I’m done now, and left….”

The guys looked at me, I shrugged and ordered my blueberry blast…

Someday maybe I will learn NOT to jump in when I am not invited.  But I doubt it.

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  1. OMG, this is one of your best blogs ever! I wish I could have been there for that conversation. Looks like a topic primed for your local pub. Just imagine how the conversation would have gone if this involved Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory. Genius!

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