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Michelle and I do NOT go to garage sales. I don’t know about your area, but around here, I swear garage sales breed like bunnies as soon as there is a non rainy weekend.  There are signs everywhere. Moving Sale, Yard Sale, Garage Sale, and any other thing you can think of.  Hell you’d think the entire neighborhood was for sale at times.

I always point out the signs and say “LOOK Hunny!!  A garage sale!  Let’s good!”  She giggles and says “We don’t need other people’s stuff! (she doesn’t use the word stuff.) We have enough stuff of our own (once again, she doesn’t use the work stuff)”

I agree completely by the way.  Especially nowadays, with craigslist, there is no reason to roam the world looking for the one thing I was hoping to find.  This means we don’t go to swap meets either.  One giant garage sale….  UGH.

Today, though was the one exception to the rule….

Yep, today was the Cascade Bike club swap meet.  An entire room full of nothing but bikes, equipment, and clothes.



For a while it was an iffy event though, at least for me.  Along about 8 o’clock last night, we had something hit we really haven’t had in 2 years



Yep the snow flew.  Not near what some of y’all get, but around here it might as well be the end of the work when the snow flies!  Luckily the roads to Seattle were wide open, so no worries, I was the wind.

What I like about this is the fact there is a little bit of everything.  Bikes for all ages and skill levels.  Stuff for the kids


imageAnd ranging up to high performance items

imageIt’s a fund-raiser for Cascade, so the entry cost is $5.  But its well worth the price of admission.  Being me, I was not really looking for a bike.  Many people I know, and bloggers I follow have more than one bike (some a LOT) more.  I just have the one, and I like it.  It meets my needs and doesn’t take up the small amount of room we have to store it.

Though I did look at a couple of fixed gears when I was there for riding in the shed.

However, there were a couple a things I needed.  When the old bike was stolen, I lost the mini-handpump and the under the saddle bag I liked.  I had not been able to find the bag I wanted for the new bike (they were all too small).  Getting each of these was my goal for the day.

I love looking at the different bikes though.  You just never know what you will find.  For example a recumbent tandem bike.

imageThen there was the cargo bike.  Better for hauling stuff from the store.  But then I had a flash of Michelle having me hauling bark from the hardware store….  I decided it was not a good idea.image


Then, for $100 was a unicycle

imageSince I was a little kid, I have thought about getting one of these.   I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride one.  But knowing my balance abilities, (never could master a skateboard or a single water ski) I decided against it….  But I was sorely tempted.

This bike though, I looked at 3 times.  It’s a tank!  it was $300, and I just thought it was very cool…  image

But again I didn’t need an extra bike.   When I started giving serious consideration to taking a test ride, I knew it was time to go!

The trip was a success.  $7 bike bag and a $20 high pressure mini pump.  It was a fun way to spend an hour on a Sunday!  But way too tempting, good thing there isn’t one of these everyday!







5 thoughts on “Other peoples Stuff!

  1. Bike swaps are amazing! there is one in Chicago next week and, hopefully, another in march. I will try to go to both.

    But yeah, in general, garage sales encourage hoarding. Going “just to see” encourages stocking up on junk. I think they can be a great way to recycle certain things if you’re looking though–like, I’m guessing people who babies. That stuff is expensive!! And kids grow so fast!! Just get used cribs, toys, clothes. As long as it looks good/works of course. Or hey, need a bedroom furniture set? Maybe check garage sales first.

    But no one wants your broken trophies, okay?

    1. Oh I agree! Used baby clothes, furniture and toys were great back when my two were littles, I still remember getting a $1 bath tub at good will that was $30 at Target!

      We resold or flat donated all baby stuff as the second one out grew it, including bikes and tow behinds. It took a LOT of will power NOT to walk out with a new bike though…

      Michelle and I regularly purge and donate just to prevent clutter/hoarding… All but my old mountain gear….

      1. Niiiice! And yeah…when I had cable, I would force myself to watch hoarders and them promptly fill at least 1 garbage of stuff to toss and/or big box of stuff to donate. No exceptions. Now we have a small place, so I’m working more prevention…as in…no garage sales! 😉 haha

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