Look what we found!

Once again I KNOW I am going to shock the heck out of my current readers.  I am very much a nerd.  Shocking I know!  Even people who know me in person have a hard time believing it when I tell them.  I think is because I come across as more of a James Bond, suave, calm and sophisticated kind of guy.


But, no it is just a façade.  I am one of those who likes to try and solve the NPR Sunday puzzles.  When looking at the paper, I gravitate to the science stories and read them every time.  I check out road cuts on my bike ride to see if I can identify the rock and follow the strata.  When hiking, I love to find stumps like this


Standing by history
Standing by history

It shows  the notches used to get high enough on a tree to cut it down.  It’s like touching a piece of history from over 100 years ago.

So you will understand why a discovery just down the road from us made me so excited.

I work in an area of Seattle called South Lake Union.  If you looked out the window from my office, you would think our main goal in this part of town is to see how many tall cranes can be crowded into one small area.  Amazon continues to expand, which brings in more people who need apartments to be built, which means more offices from other companies are going up….  It’s amazing how much construction is actually going on.

But the construction itself is not why I am excited.  (Well OK, there is one site using conveyer belts to load dirt into dump trucks THAT is pretty darn cool)

No, the reason I am geeking out is what was found AT a construction site this week.  A tusk or a wooly Mammoth (or possibly a mastodon, they aren’t quite sure yet) was dug up!  How incredibly cool is that!  I walk all over this neighborhood, and I have often wondered what it looked like back before it was settled.

Now I have proof that I am walking where prehistoric animals walked during the ice age 10,000 years ago.  Who knows what other animals ran around here back then?  Shoot there could be more bones until my building directly below my chair.  Then, it there were mammoths, then that means there is a good chance there were mammoth hunters!  And to me, that is even cooler!

I walk around, buying a hot dog from a hot dog vendor, or getting a smoothie, on the same ground that Prehistoric Tog was out hunting dinner for Togette and Tog Junior!  We complain about it being wet or cold, or even getting an inch of snow while they had to deal with glaciers.

I really hope that the contractor will let the Burke Museum take the time to excavate a little and see what else might be found.  Even cooler, would be if they wanted volunteers to come help!  I am totally ready to get down and dirty!

There was a time I was going to be a forest ranger, working in the national parks and helping people learn about the plants and animals that currently and used to live there.  Then I was going to be a science teacher, helping mold the youth of America and getting them interested in science.

Neither happened, I am cubicle dweller.  However, I found a wife who things the science stuff I like is cool, Manchild and Mathmajor BOTH like science, and now I find out science is happening just down the road from me.  All in all, I think I did ok!

But I’d STILL like to be down there doing some digging!

4 thoughts on “Look what we found!

  1. OK, OK, I know woolly mammoth tusks are exciting and everything, but…Burke Museum? For real? Is it a museum of people called Burke, for people called Burke or just founded by a guy called Burke? I’m assuming the latter, but being a Burke myself the first two would be more exciting 🙂

    1. I think it is definitely a museum FOR people named Burke, (named after Judge Thomas Burke (I just looked it up)). But you Burkes being the big hearted and giving individuals you are, allow the rest of us riff raff to come in and enjoy it for a fee…..

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