Its a Special Day….

Folks, today was Valentine’s day.  The day of love.  The day that many people in the office, well at least the ladies in my office, wear red.  The one time of the year, some husbands or significant others think to send flowers.  Chocolates are purchased and given, and restaurants are full. 

If you believe TV, it’s a day that single ladies (notice it’s never guys) become very sad because they don’t have a valentine to share the day with.  Single guys, hell on TV or real life, they don’t even know it IS Valentines day.

For many it’s just a lot of pressure, luckily not for me!

Before I explain why, though, I have to share my favorite memories of Washington State University Valentines.

The first involved my buddy the Mudsucker, who was our communication major.  One winter, he was in line for the Buckeye News Hog award, no wait, that was Les Nesman on WKRP!  The Mudsucker was on Cable 8 news, the campus TV station, and was doing man on the street interviews on Valentine’s Day, asking “What does today mean to you!”

Well it was his first man on the street gig, so he asked me to be his first guinea pig.  So, having no clue, I said “It’s a special day, where special people get together to do something special!”

Bastard piece of crap actually aired my interview!  And I know this is shocking, it did NOT get me any dates!  But from then on, every V Day one of us would start saying it and we’d both crack up!  I just texted him saying just that!

But my favorite V Day memory involved our other roommate (who will remain nameless).  He came home one all excited.  He was invited over for dinner by Rosie.  Like all of us guys, we sucked at cooking, so the chance at a real meal was always a good thing.  He came in and said, “Rosie invited me to dinner next Friday!”  “Why?” we asked.  “She said just because she thought I would enjoy it!”

Now Rosie was very nice, we all knew her.  And kinda cute, in a Maneater kind of way.  But something just didn’t seem right…  Something made me look at the calendar on the wall (Yep WAY before cell phones) and just started cracking up.

He looked at me weird, and I said “Friday is Valentines day!” It took a second, but then it hit him.  “NO!  Maybe she doesn’t know, and it’s just a coincidence!”  I just looked at him and said, “What college girl does NOT know when V Day is???  Oh yeah she has plans!” 

And she did!  I will not go into detail except to mention a sock on the door and items in the top drawer!  And to this day I am giggling just typing this.

Nowadays, for me,  Valentines Day is SO nice and simple.  Michelle thinks it’s stupid to get flowers ON a day its expected and hates getting roses (past relationships gave her flowers when he was in trouble and he was in trouble a LOT).  I like to surprise her out of the blue with flowers for no reason.  She loves it when people ask why and she can say “its because he loves me!”

So now, Valentines day is great. We both got the other something they like (we love giving gifts so its hard for us to wait for the day  we’ve already exhancheged gifts.) We will get some wine from William Church winery in Woodinville, and go home to make risotto!  YUM!  Only down side is that I have boxing so I will be hella sore, which will make stirring the risotto harder!

Valentines day is good when you are really in love!

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  1. I don’t think I ever really enjoyed valentines day, single or otherwise. It was fine as a kid, my dad would buy my mom flowers as well as some for me and my sister. Cool. Grade school did the mandatory give-everyone-a-valentine thing. My grandma gave all her grandkids gift baskets. In high school, you could pay a buck and send someone a kiss-gram or something (where a group of other students would roam from classroom to classroom to sing a song and publicly announce who the most loved students were via little paper notes and chocolates or carnations). Ugh. To this very day I can’t stand carnations! Oh, and I’m not a fan of roses either 😛

    It always felt so forced and so fake to me. I’m all for excuses to buy gifts for a loved one or take a day off work to spend time with the ones you love 😛 no complaints here about that! It’s the marketing, the cards, the crappy chocolate, and the pressure that it’s supposed to be some grand romantic day. I work well under pressure for work, but not for my social life.

    This year we slept in, made a big brunch, made snacks (I make a mean salsa), and ate frozen pizza while binge watching House of Cards. It was awesome.

    1. HATED highschool whatever grams! And I feel the same about timbering a fake holiday. For our romantic gifts I got a cool lens kit for the iPhone camera and Michelle got a fit bit she’d been wanting. Went to our favorite winery and chatted with the lady that ran it, tried to scam our kids brothers allotment from another winery and just had fun

      Much more low key… Michelle hates Carnations as well!

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