Is Cocky a bad thing?

The more you read my posts the better you will come to know me. You will quickly find I am happily married, a dad of 2 older boys, a reader, a cyclist, sci fi geek and adventurer. I am also a corporate trainer, cubicle dweller, WSU Cougar (GO COUGS) and a Seahawk fan.

Just as with all of us, I am many different things. But I bet yall didn’t know that I occasionally (ok maybe a bit more than occasionally) will be a bit cocky. What’s that? You DID know that….

Well it happened again last night on the ride home from work!

Monday, after the Chilly Hilly it POURED the entire way home. It was one of those days that I had every bit of Gortex on that I owned and it didn’t help. I had stuff hanging all over the mud area drip drying. As always, a rainy commute on a bike beats the heck out of a slow rainy car commute.
But then yesterday happened.

Spring time came to Seattle! No rain, blue sky, kinda warm (ok in the 50s) during my lunch time walk I had to take off my jacket (well at least when I was out of the shade.)

So what did I decide? YEP! that’s it, the sun is out, time to ditch the warm clothes! Time to bike home in shorts! A windbreaker! Lightweight gloves! Its spring time!! Who’s with me?!?

So off I went. For the first time in months I was also wearing sunglasses for the ride home! I did decide that the warm shoe covers and wool socks were still a good idea….

The ride started out great. Warm sun, blue sky, gorgeous! Funny though, as I went down the hill, it felt a bit chilly! One would think that should have been a bit of a foreshadow….

However, I was in the moment and flying down the road and onto the Burke Gilman. I was even considering going an extra 5 miles on the trail then turning around to make it a longer ride. Funny thing, though, it wasn’t too long before the sun set far enough I was in the shade the whole time.
By then, I was close to Lake Washington, and the wind was coming off the water. Suddenly my warm spring day was gone, and the temp was dropping quickly. Now a smart man woulda stopped, popped open the panniers, and gotten the warmer duds… Yeah a smarter man. But by the time I noticed it was cold, I was over halfway home and making good time. I HATE stopping to put clothes on or off at this point.

So on I went. How cold could it get? Well let me tell you, pretty damn chilly! By the time I got home, the fingers were numb and lips blue!

But before I could get there I had to ride a through every cop in Shoreline! As I climbed the hill from Lake Forest Park, every cop on town was there, lights flashing, sitting at each cross street. Over head was a police chopper hovering, obviously looking for someone.

A smart man mighta turned around and waited it out in a warm Starbucks! The bike isn’t really bullet proof, and its harder than hell to out run someone on a 3 mile uphill. But again that’s a smarter man.

I looked around and thought. “OK, if I was hiding and trying to get away from fast cars and a copter I am NOT going to steal a bike! So let’s KICK THIS PIG!”

So I dug deep on tired legs and cranked it up the hill! I still have no idea what was going on…

Gotta say, in addition to more fun, bike commuting can be a helluva lot more exciting as well, especially when you are cocky!

2 thoughts on “Is Cocky a bad thing?

  1. You weren’t cocky. Determined and inflexible, perhaps, but not cocky. Cocky is when the police helicopter shouts at you to stop and you shout back, “You’ll never catch me alive, Copper!” and take off as fast as you can!

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