Racking Up the Miles: February 2014

One of the things I have learned over this past year of “Racking Up” posts is that each month is its own month.  And the miles you ride may or may NOT have anything to do with the month before.  Schedules, weather, work and many other things can affect how often you get on the bike.

imageA prudent reader might think “Hmmmm, did he not do so well this month?”  Well, let’s talk about that…

So far 2014 has been a strange year.  January seemed to drag on FOREVER!  It was one LONG month.  This, plus the fact I was able to crank out long rides early and late in the month meant I was WAY over my head, 349 miles!  I was seeing record miles every month this year.

Ok, reality hit in February.  Schedules just did not allow weekend rides.  It was the first month I can remember in a long time that I didn’t get out on more than one weekend day.   Since these are the longest rides I take, that will put a kibosh on things. Then add to it, SNOW!! Yep, more than once this month the white stuff came down, as did heavy rain and wind!  We found out today that, in the mountains, this was the 2nd snowiest month in 50 years!

We no longer have any worries about water shortages this summer.

However, I will NOT say that I was a bump on a log either…  The cycle commuting was continued.  Rain or shine, butt cold or warm enough for shorts,  I was in the saddle riding home as much as I could.

But then I was assigned to train someone in the office 5 miles from our house.  During the absolute wettest week of the year so far.  A smart man woulda driven.  I, of course, went to plan B.  5 miles to and from the house equals 10 miles a day.  4 days that week, 40 miles!  Add to it hellacious headwinds and one incredilby steep hill  and it was a tough 10 miles!

The positives of the month?  Well, this last week, thanks to the Chilly Hilly and getting to ride home from my office 4 days this week (17 miles!) I put together the first 100+ mile week of the year! (OK, it was only 105 miles but still!) Soon there will be 100 mile days, but you can’t work up to those unless you do the 100 mile weeks!  The ride home tonight, day 5 in a row in the saddle, the legs felt strong.

Added all together, our intrepid hero put together 234 miles.  24 less than this month last year (one more weekend OR the normal commute that week woulda matched it) and a lot less than last month.  But I feel good!   Add to it they were ALL outside miles, no rollers at all!

I am in good shape for March, with the 50 mile McClinchy ride half way through.  Plus March 9th Daylight Savings starts, which means I can lengthen the ride home from time to time!  Michelle has even started me thinking about a Century ride in April….

So, no complaints, no whining, I am feeling pretty damn good about it!  Thanks for coming along for the rides!


11 thoughts on “Racking Up the Miles: February 2014

  1. I feel you pain! I am only at 400 miles for the year so far. We’ve had the fourth snowiest winter in Chicago history, coupled with the second coldest winter in Chicago history. And it has been the windiest winter I can recall — not exactly what I had hoped for.

  2. 234 miles for the month is impressive given the insane weather we have been having. Kudos my fellow rider. What is your mileage goal for March? Looking forward to hearing about it.

    All the best
    Brett Day

    1. Brett, funny thing, I never SET a monthly goal. Nor do I pay close attention to where I am in overall miles per during the month. I only look after the last ride of the calendar month to see where I am. I will say that I have a couple of longer rides already scheduled AND I will keep up the cycling home.

      Daylight savings will help as well. So best I can answer is more than Feb and hopefully as much as Jan

    1. Location location location! We don’t get the arctic vortex or lake effect snow. I just get rain and wind! Not present but MUCH easier to pedal in! Once y’all melt out, you will catch and pass me!

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