Well it took 30 years…

Well it was an interesting day… The Manchild wanted to go to a Nintendo Smash Tournament in Bellingham. This seemed like a good idea, since he would get to compete, I could visit with The Math Major who is going to school up here, and Manchild and I would have some time together.

Yep seemed like a great idea, till it snow…
First off,I decided taking my old car was NOT a good idea. It doesn’t go over 65 too well, and it’s just getting old. 300,000 miles will do that.

So a rental car was in order. Looking back I shoulda gotten an SUV, but the weather didn’t seem to be THAT bad. So I went with a normal car. Smartest decision of the weekend though? I bought the damage waiver on the car. I normally don’t but hey, snow was a possibility.

We woke up and headed north in plenty of time, the kid was very excited. He was in his element. Give him a room full of skateboarders or video game players, and he is with his people. I dropped him off an went off on my own.

Mathmajor texted and was happy to go to lunch, so we headed downtown for sandwiches. Damn that kid was chatty. It was fun though, he and I have both been busy, so we haven’t touched base since Christmas.

He was very excited about classes, hopefully getting a job in a lab and just the future in general. The kid is amazing, and I understand every 3rd word he says sometimes. Maybe he was a alien switched at birth.


After lunch I went to Starbucks, relaxed, read and updated the bike journal. It was great relaxing afternoon, except for the snow flurries. As time went on, it kept coming down, but it wasn’t sticking.

I went to dinner, and kept an eye out, but it wasn’t sticking. The event was to go till 10, so it seemed like it would be ok.

Yeah, NO. 15 minutes after I got back to hotel the roads started going to hell. Had to call him and tell him to shut it down. Off I went.

Almost didn’t get there!! There was one big hill between him and me. It took every trick I knew to get to the top. We loaded him up, and I went in search of a another way out.

We got lucky, and made it back to the freeway. Roads were still slippery, but better. I did look at him though, and said “We still have one more challenge, its a steep incline into the hotel”

And because of that, I messed up. When I made the last corner, I tried to keep up some momentum to help me up the hill. Instead, I slid into another car. It was low speed, minor damage, and completely my fault. But since I paid for the coverage on the car, I don’t owe for any car damage to the rental car.

Yep it took over 30 years for my first at fault accident. I was not happy, but since I work for my Insurance company, I told him not to worry. He did nothing wrong and we’d get it taken care of.

So, the weekend coulda ended poorly and I could have been mad. But as we hung out here in the room Manchild looked at me and said “Thanks for taking me on this trip dad. I really appreciate it!” Just made me feel good. He’s worth it.”

By the way, sorry for any typos, this was done on the iPad.

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