Math Major and Manchild

If you read yesterday’s post you know it was an interesting Saturday in Strohville.  Snow, treacherous roads, and a fender bender all combined to make it a memorable day.  Today, it rained, the roads were clear and Manchild and I headed south to home.

But as I ran around and got errands down today, I was struck by some of the other parts of the weekend.  Namely the hanging out with both boys.  With Math Major in college, and working, 90 miles away from us, we done see each other too often.

Manchild comes up, takes over his man cave and just enjoys relaxing and being with us.  Sometimes we sit and talk others, we go hours and don’t speak.  It’s home, and no need to “visit” when you are home.

This weekend, though, hanging out with them, I noticed some things…

Math Major is a lot like me on the practical side.  Studying is the most important thing.  However, he passes by me with the reason for the grades.  For me, getting grades was the goal.  For him, it’s a stepping stone. He has plans.  He wants to work in a lab this summer.  Which will get him the academic contacts he needs for the future.  He is excited about the future and where he is going.  Pure and simple, he is smarter than I will EVER be.

HOWEVER, at the same time, he said something that reminded me he was still my kid.  He rooms with 4 or 5 other people (never can keep track) and they were down to their LAST roll of toilet paper!  Emergency rationing was in effect!  No nose blowing, ONLY use what you need!

So off to the grocery store we went!  Dad donated 2 of the biggest packages IGA had to the cause, plus a box of kleenex.  Let the people rejoice!  The kid is an expert tea taster, tango dancer, straight A student, but the toilet paper made me laugh.  Dads DUE come in handy.  Of course I told him to keep them as trade goods.  Trade one role at a time for food or for someone taking his turn at the dishes!

Manchild is a completely different kid.  He is also smarter than hell, but school is just not his focus.  He has improved,  his freshman year in high school we almost failed 2 classes.  This year, all Bs and Cs.  he can do better, but its improved.

With him, I realized something else this weekend.  Now this kid can be moodier than hell.  Where I am cold and callous, and math major is a lot like me, Manchild somewhere ended up with emotions!  And I suck at those.  I am so glad I never had a girl!  But he can be up and down.

This weekend he was up and  it was reaffirmed to me that the kid is fun to hang out with!  We had a blast driving up there.  He was in charge of the music, cracking jokes and the trip went fast,  At one point, he messed with the song on the iPhone coming through the stereo.  It sounded exactly like a tape player eating an old tape!  I thought the kid was going to wet himself laughing when I explained this to him.

Pure and simple, the kid is funny.  MUCH like his dad, his humor is on the border of appropriate (ok maybe a little on the wrong side of the border) but he likes to make people laugh.  Better yet, he is good at it.  As he is getting older, his personality is much more fun.  He was just great to hang out with.  He is very aware of other peoples feelings, though, and avoids hurting them at all costs.

Even after the accident, he stayed calm, asked what he could do, and never complained once.  Not bad for someone in his first wreck ever,  We hung out and watched Myth Busters till I was exhausted.  All in all a great day.

I’ve never claimed to be any better that a mid level dad,  better than some but not as good as others.  And these two, even though they share some interests are completely different.  This weekend though, reminded me that they are damn good kids and Michelle and I are very proud of them both, and rightly so!  It was good to have time with them both!

Really coulda done without the fender bender though!

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