Hey I was right!

Have you ever been sure of something?  I mean, deep down, where it matters, you are so sure you are right it’s just not feasible that you could be wrong?  There are a few things that I feel that way about.  For instance, just given the number of galaxies in the universe, and the number of stars in each galaxy, and the number of planets around each star, there just has to be life out there somewhere. 

So, assuming you are that sure about something, ever have someone come along and give you actual data that you are right?

That happened to me today!No, no, I did not get contacted by aliens.  Nor has the Hubble gotten a picture of real life Vulcans.  I am talking about something else I am dead sure of.  Cycling makes you happier!

I have done many a post about the benefits of getting on two wheels.  The most important benefit?  It makes you happy!  I can’t count how many times I’ve left work grouchy, and by the time my bike and I reached the 3rd mile I was smiling and enjoying myself.  As we know from the blog, I am MORE than willing  to share my opinions on things.  But the question is”  “Does riding make me happy work only for me or is it a fact for others?”

Well, I can also attest to Michelle my wife.  She loves to ride the neighborhoods with me in the summer and you can see her smiling here!

 Michelle bike

But again, is that enough to prove my point?  Or is she smiling cuz she likes to check out her hubby in his biking duds?  Both are possibilities.

But then today I read a short Article in Outside magazine.
Live by Bike
Never mind the health and environmental benefits. It’s good for the soul.
By: Michael Roberts

Now I have no comment on the soul part.  This means different things to different people.  But, the part that made me pump my fist and say “Oh hell yeah I was right,” was this:

Early last year, a Ph.D. candidate at Portland State University in Oregon made headlines when he presented findings to the national Transportation Research Board showing that riding a bike makes us happy. According to his survey of more than 800 commuters, bikers rated higher on a well-being index than people using any other form of transportation, including walking.

The article goes on to add other reasons to ride, including going to a bar and on a date!

Now I know not everyone reading 10000 miles rides a bike.  Since I will talk about anything on here, I have gathered followers from all over the spectrum.  However, I will bet that many of you have a bike gathering dust in the basement or garage.  Or, have a place nearby that you can rent one.  Or, barring that, will be on vacation sometime this year where you can rent one (oceans, mountains, cities, etc).

Why do I ask this?  Because I am issuing a challenge to my non riding fans.  If you own the bike, wait for nice weather (it will get here eventually, really it will) and get the tires inflated.  (Also make sure you have a helmet.  Safety first!)  Or rent one near your home or hotel on vacation.  (shoot some hotels even have them for free)

Then go for a ride.  Not a long death march, but an easy pedal, with water, and snacks and no time agenda.  Get out and feel the wind in your face.  Feel the lack of stress and listen to the nature around you.  Feel what you felt when you were a kid and first learned to ridfe.  If you are lucky enough to be close to a latte stand, stop and lean on the bike and get an iced beverage of your choice.  I can tell you from experience that is the most relaxing day there is.

Plus, and this is my ulterior motive, if you like it as much as I do, you will want to ride more, and more, which is a good thing!  Why?  Because I also believe (no facts here) the more who ride, the better the world is.  So give it a shot and let me know what you think!

Like the wind people!

5 thoughts on “Hey I was right!

  1. I just might step up and buy a bike that actually fits me and has a seat that is as big as mine this spring. I could use some happy wind in my face. Thanks Tony.

  2. I can totally believe that cycling can make you happy. I am actually of the belief that any form of activity whether it be running, cycling, swimming, or whatever can make you happy. I know how happy running makes me feel. The freedom of being outside, the social aspect of the sport, the release of endorphins and so on. When I was at my heaviest 334lbs i was totally unhappy with myself/mylife and then I started exercising and eating right, and my outlook on life improved dramatically, and it was the exercise that was making me feel alive. Do what you love and you will love life. Great post.

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