We don’t need no stinkin music

One of the problems with being a daily blogger (well close to daily) is that it is easy to forget some of the posts you’ve written.  Because of that, I have been going back through my posts from the beginning.  (LORD there are a lot of typos in the ones I composed using the iPad.).  Some are pretty good, some are just ok.

The good news, I guess, is that I am enjoying reading them.  Its fun to see what has warranted a blog post in the past.  One of them involved the use of an iPod and listening to music while riding.  Its kinda funny that I would read this now, since last Thursday I had an iPod epiphany!Last week was my first 100 mile week of 2014.  It was also the first time of this year that I would ride 5 days in a row.  Both of these are very good things.  However, as you might expect, the legs were a bit tuckered.  I knew Thursday was the last ride of the week and the month, so it had to happen.

I decided it wouldn’t hurt to have a little extra help on the way home, so for the first time in recent memory I decided to listen to music on the way home.  In fact, I even put together a new play list, “The Wind” to make sure I had only GOOD music for the trip.

So, 3:30 rolled around, I was geared, up, earbuds were in place and I was ready to go.

Editor’s note:  I keep volume high enough to hear the tunes, but low enough to hear the traffic.  Safety is important!

The legs were tired, but not too terribly bad.  I was making good time, and cruising along the trail.  Then it hit me.  The music was annoying me!  I missed hearing the world as I passed by.  This time of year, more birds are out, the trees rustle, hell I even like the tires skimming along the pavement. 

The music I thought would help, was preventing me from getting into my normal 2-wheeled-after-work-happy-place.  This surprised me.  In the past, I would use the music on my boring training rides, and go without on the long routes.  My thinking was that the commute was more of a boring training route, so it would make it a better ride.  Yeah not so much.

So, last night came around, and I was going to do stairs after my evening with Manchild.  It had been a few  weeks since I’d be able to do this.  I’ve always used music when going up and down these guys.  This time, though, I was wondering whether it would be a good thing or not. 

It was a perfect night for the steps.  Warm enough to not need a coat, I had a short window of no rain, and I was excited to get the workout started.  I decided to start with music since I wanted to beat the rain.  I could always turn it off if need be.  This time, though, the music was perfect.  I was climbing to the beat of whatever song was playing, and since it was the same playlist, it was all fast!

I had only planned on 5 reps (300 steps up, 300 down) but it felt so good, and the rain held off for me to 6! 3600 steps total. 

But this of course made me try to figure out what the difference was between the two days.  I think its pretty obvious though.

The stairs are my version of the gym.  The ONLY reason to do it is for the workout.  No one decides “My hobby is going to be stair climbing

Editor’s note 2:  That is not entirely true, Seattle has a number of flights of stairs all over the city, there are people who make It a goal to do each one of them…

The view on the stairs, except for the occasional gorgeous sunset, never changes. 

Sundown from the top of the stairs in Seattle
Sundown from the top of the stairs in Seattle


So music doesn’t distract.  Stairs are a work out, work outs need music!

Riding the bike?  It’s freedom, fun, energy filling instead of sapping.  Where I have to talk myself into another flight of stairs, I have to tell myself NOT to go an extra 5 miles on the bike if I need to get home.  The wind and birds, the chain and cars are the music that keeps you going. I am not saying that I will never listen to music on the bike again.  Hell, I might need a boost on the STP or RAMROD.  But, on normal rides, I have too much fun without.  Guess I really am a cyclist.

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  1. Great view from the top of the stairs! I feel the same way about music. When I used to run i always used to listen to music, then one day I forgot my ear buds and ‘ran naked’ without them. I thought to myself that it would be horrible, but I enjoyed the silence much more than I thought I would. The quiet gave me time to enjoy the sounds of nature, and it also allowed me to think of other things. Now I never use music during my exercise, the sounds of nature have a much better beat 🙂

    All the best,

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