Don’t Tell me I can’t Take MY ball!

You know, there are just some nights that are VERY memorable.  Those nights when you are with your buddies, and later on you say “Hey!  Remember that night when we…”  I have quite a few nights with my friends that are like that.

Tonight was a new one!

For the second year in a row, I was able to attend Cougar Night in Seattle.


This is a night with bad beer, crappy wine, but Cougars from all over the city.  We came to see Butch.


And the cheerleaders IMG_0423

But most importantly, we come to see our Coach Mike Leach talk to us about the new recruits.

imageThe night starts with a social hour.  This year, just as last, Scott, the Mudsucker, and I attended.  This year, though we added my buddy Stuart.  During the social hour, there were a number of items to bid on in a silent auction.

Not sure why, but I missile locked on a full-sized helmet and football.



So I made a bid and kept an eye on it.  Surprisingly, I won the bidding!  The helmet and ball were mine.

Now, right after the bidding was the dinner.  However, during dinner, there are a number of Cougar legends running around, perfectly willing to give their autographs.  So, once I won the bid, I asked the guy marking the winners if I could take the ball. (I had ID and my number to prove I won)

“NO!” said he, and quite rudely I might add!  “You have to wait till the end!”

Now a nicer guy might have thought “Oh well, no biggie, I really don’t need the ball right now…”

Yeah, that wasn’t me.  My thought was “HEY!  I won the bid, that ball is mine!”

So what did I do?  Once the guy moved on from the table with my ball and helmet, I casually picked up the ball and disappeared into the crowd!

I am VERY glad I did!  I scored when it came to autographs.  Not only did I get our Coach, Mike Leach.  I also got one of our record breaking quarterbacks, Alex Brink.  Even better, I got one of the most famous, COUGS, the Throwin Samoan Jack Thompson as well as the voice of the COUGS, Bob Robertson.

I had a sharpie and I was NOT afraid to ask anyone to sign!

the food was good, and I was surrounded by other Cougs dressed in Crimson and Gray from their heads to their toes



There’s just something about a room full of WSU COUGS that is magical.  With us all together there is nothing we could not accomplish.  Next year we want to try and get enough people to have an entire table.

Luckily, though, I was able to maintain control later in the evening.  Suddenly, it was live auction time!  Mike Leach is known as the Pirate of the Palouse.  And suddenly, up for bid, was a cutlass (sword) autographed by Coach Leach.  I WANTED that sword.  However, someone with $3000 to spend wanted it a WHOLE lot more….

I had enough fun to still be up at 11:40 PM working on the Blog…. Thanks to WSU for a great night and GO COUGS!!

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