Time to Suck it Up Buddy!

So I had a great plan today.  My lovely wife Michelle is down in Santa Barbara with her college roommate Kim (girls weekend!)  The Manchild is up, but he is doing his monthly Nintendo Smash Fest which lasts all day. (In fact, since snow has forced him to quit earlier the last two sessions, I told him to call me when it was all over, closer to midnight….)  This all combines to mean I have the day to myself.

My plan was to pick up the kid from his mom’s, take him to his gathering of like-minded video game game playing people, and then saddle up the bike.  I was very much hoping to get a 40 mile ride in this weekend….

Yeah that didn’t happen.

Unlike Michelle, who likes to show me pictures like this from her hotel room.

imageI am dealing with steady rain.  It started about 11 AM, and has NOT slowed down since.

I got home from dropping him off, and kept looking outside.  It was NOT slowing down.  And I will admit, I do have one problem when it comes to cycling.  I have a hard time leaving a nice warm and dry house to ride in the rain.  If I am at work, and its time to go home?  No problem!  If I want to sleep in my own bed I have to take off, regardless of the weather.

If I am out on the road, and the weather turns on me, I just layer up!  Again, if I am going to get home, I have to deal with what nature throws at me!

But when I am at home, in a comfy chair, looking outside…  Yeah, its hard to get motivated.  So I sat and read some, then played angry birds, then read some more, all the while the clock was ticking.

I knew I had made dinner plans with Scott and Dave for 5, so if I was gonna ride it had to be soon…

And as I sat there, I started thinking about all the food I ate last night.  As well as the wine.  I REALLY needed to get my ass moving with some activity.  So I started thinking about riding in the shed….  But today, that just did NOT seem appealing.

So there it was, if something didn’t happen soon, I’d be a couch potato all day.  This made me mad.  So I stood up, and honestly said “Suck it up!” to myself and got changed.

I did make a compromise due to the weather and the time I had left.  Instead of 40 miles, I’d drive the bike down to the Burke Gilman, and do a fast 20 or so!   After donning gortex head to toe, I was off!  Surprisingly, I was not the only cyclist out.  I counted for a while, but after hitting 15, I stopped.  We must’ve all thought we needed exercise.

The rain>yeah it never slowed.  It was not my favorite ride


Well, maybe this was a bad shot, but it was raining!


I went straight down the trail for 11 miles, keeping it at 15 mph or higher the whole way.  I was dodging puddles and the river itself was running pretty high.  We have flood warnings going on right now.


I made it to my turn around bridge and let Michelle know I was riding in the rain.  Gotta love her!  While she and Kim were in the warm and sun, she made sure to encourage me on my wet and wild endeavor.  She does thing I am nuts when it come to riding in the rain!

I made it to my turn around bridge, and started back


Which is when I figured out I’d had a tail wind the whole time o far!  This meant now I would not only have a head wind, but even MORE rain in my face…. YAY.  But, I was also heading for a warm house!  I did NOT let the rain or wind slow me down much.  Though I did have to stop for the quick picture of the Bald eagles in a tree right next to the trail.


Sorry for the bad pic, with the rain all I had was the phone, but trust me, eagle they were and they did NOT look pleased with the weather!

In the end, it was 22.6 miles.  And I pushed it the whole way!  It felt good.

I had time to get home, dry off, and relax a bit before dinner.  I chose NOT to shower, but I don’t think I smelled TOO bad.  I am glad I didn’t let the weather stop me.  Sometimes you just have to push yourself a bit!  Otherwise it is just too damn easy to take a nap instead!


4 thoughts on “Time to Suck it Up Buddy!

  1. You got out there and you rode “that” ride. Yesterday I had a similar situation. I couldn’t make it to the mountains, so I went to a “go-to” trail in the hills. I did intervals, hiking downhill, and running uphill and flat. It was beautiful out, but muddy. I found new trail loops I didn’t know existed in the open space. I wonder if there’s a go-to rain ride.

  2. Well done you for going out in the rain. You probably don’t want to know that we’ve had beautiful weather all weekend. Perfect cycling weather, in fact… 🙂

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