Sometimes you have to Outfox Yourself.

Believe it or not, in many ways I am a lot like everyone else in the world.  No really, I am.  I love mac and cheese, bugs bunny, water slides, playing hooky, and the three stooges.  You know, the universal ‘likes’ of the world?  Wait, what?  You mean there are people who don’t like the Stooges?  I am shocked!!!

Ok, how bout sleep?  Because most people I know really like to sleep, particularly to sleep in a bit.  The person who invented the snooze button is both a saint and a demon.  It has gotten me in trouble AND made my morning better, at different times of course.

All this being said, having the alarm go off an hour early, right after we ‘lost’ an hour to daylight savings, so I could ride in to work sucked.  Add to it was the fact it was coming down in buckets.  Everything in me wanted to simply turn off the alarm and go back to bed.

This is why it’s smart to know yourself and do what you need to do to make it happen.

As we know, I like to ride the bike home from work.  I throw it on the bike rack, and Michelle and I commute together.  This has worked out so well over the last year, that it is very rare when it doesn’t happen.

However, Michelle was in Santa Barbara this weekend, with her college roommate.  These ladies have been friends for close to 30 years!  They were enjoying the sun, the food and girl time. Her flight came in Monday after work, so I was going to head to the airport directly from the office.

This meant though, no bike ride home.

Editor’s note Michelle coming home is MUCH more important than a bike ride!

However, I do like to have my cake and eat it too. (which, by the way, is a stupid saying, when would someone have a cake and NOT eat it???) so I needed a way to do both!

Well it just so happened I had to drive the Manchild home last night to his mom’s.  On the way back to my house, I had to pass right by my office.  So being the brilliant (don’t burst my bubble please) person that I am, I devised a plan!

Why not park the car overnight in the garage, bike home and then bike in Monday morning??  See sheer brilliance!  I get 2 rides that way!

I got the garage about 6:15.  With daylight savings, I had 45 minutes of light left.  OK, it’s over an hour to my house, but I’ve ridden in the dark before!  I even left the clothes for Monday in the car.  Less stuff to pack in for the morning.  Yep I’ma thinker.

The ride home was nice for the most part, not many people on the trail, it was warm, and I was making good time.  I was very happy to discover the mudslide I found late last week had been cleared.  It looked like smooth sailing the next day.


25 minutes from home, though, it started raining.  Not hard, but steady.  I didn’t have the rain gear on, but what I had seemed ok to get me to the house, so on I pressed!  I got home, parked the bike, and started cleaning up. (Yep with the Manchild and I at home without her, it got a little messy.)  When I looked outside, it was POURING down.  Had I been 15 minutes later I’da been soaked!

Well, since it was Sunday, I of course had to stay up for the Walking Dead, and since it was a good episode, part of the Talking Dead afterwards.  This meant it was almost 1030 by the time I crawled into bed.  4:25 came WAY too early.  I hit the snooze, and just then heard the rain coming down hard.

My head said, “Screw it, we’re driving!” and then it hit me…  I had no  choice but to ride.

Yep, I forced my butt out of bed, took care of the cats (they get MEAN when they aren’t fed) and gortexed up! I was out the door on time and heading for work.

The trail was a bit surreal.  I can only ever see the path in front of me with the bike light.  But on both sides, I was hearing rushing water where there shouldn’t be water!  I just did my best to stay dead center in the trail and avoid the deep puddles on the right side.

I made it in, and took over the entire bike room as a drying area for the clothes.  I was correct in my assumption I was the only one dumb enough (I mean dedicated enough) to ride in.  The shower at work felt SO good.  I won’t say that I was firing on all cylinders during the work day, but hopefully I will make up for it some by getting to bed early tonight.

I will tell ya though, there is no way I woulda ridden this morning if the car had been home.  Sometimes you just have to outfox yourself!

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