Yes Tony you have to Share…

This has been a strange week weather wise!  On Saturday, Sunday and Monday I traveled a total of 56 miles over three rides.  There are some who would say I swan 56 miles these days.  Pure and simple, it poured the whole time!  I showed you pictures of mudslides and myself soaking wet.  It was NOT the most fun time to ride.


Today, though, things changed.  Out of the blue we saw 60 degrees, sunshine, dryness and no wind!  Let the heralds go far and wide and declare this a day to go outside.

In all honesty, I think thats JUST what happened today…

I came to a realization early into my ride home this afternoon.  You see, I’ve been riding rain or shine all winter long, regardless of the temperature.  I just added layers as needed.  The good news in this?  In essence I had the Burke Gilman trail, my route home, to myself.

OK, thats an exaggeration.  I will say though, that the only other people on the trail with me were those like me.  We’ve all logged plenty of miles, we know the rules of the road (and the bike trail) and we respect each other.

When I come up behind any of these riders, and yes even the joggers, simply ringing the bell resulted in their mooing to the right so I could pass.  In return, I do the same.  This allows us all to maximize our speed, exercise and enjoyment from our rides.  So, to be blunt, my realization today was that I was spoiled.  Weather may have sucked, but the riding conditions were great.  No wonder I looked forward to the ride every night,

But then the sun came out….  And suddenly the trail wasn’t ‘mine’ anymore….

There were the people riding and chatting 3 abreast taking over the entire trail.  This happened 3 times.  Bells mean nothing to these folks.  Nor does the call “Coming up on your left.”  I was forced more than once to ask them to “move over so I can get by.”  They moved, but you could tell they thought I was unreasonable.

Then theres the joggers who aren’t jogging, again traveling in a group, taking over more than their fair share of the trail.  Once again unhappy with me for asking to get past.  Last week I passed an entire platoon or ROTC joggers.  No problem, no issues, plenty of room.  But then, they are part of the winter crew and know the rules.  These groups appeared to be more a coffee clutch than a running group.

It was also the day to have kids of all ages out.  Strollers, cargo bikes and on their own bikes.  Kids on bikes have the right of way though, I want them to grow up to be just like me me 🙂  I am happy to slow as needed for them.

However, cigarette smoking, cell phone talkin, two and three abreast Bob Strollers annoy me to no end!  I only had to dodge two of these today.

Funny, reading this you would think I was annoyed.  But being able to ride home in minimal layers, bright sunshine, and daylight all the way home, overcame ANY negative thoughts.  It was a great day to ride, and I can’t blame the rest of them for being out as well.  I know it will get better.  Come summertime, UW will close, and the trail will be wide open again.  Until them I just have to share my trail with all the fair weather people.

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