Impatient isn’t a BAD thing

From time to time, I know I surprise people from time to time on here.  Today may be one of those times.  Because I have a confession to make.  I am impatient!  I have a hard time waiting for certain things.

For example, I start the count down for the Walking Dead TV show weeks in advance.  Buffet style unit business lunches? I have plate in hand and I am first in line almost every time!  Part of this is because I pay close attention to the speaker.  When it sounds like he or she is about to release us I nonchalantly (ok maybe not so nonchalant) start moseying my way to the table…

Editors note:  In a big enough meeting, if you are first, you can get your food, get back to the table, eat it and go up for seconds just as the last person goes through the first time.  Try it, I’ve done it more than once!  This works for holiday gatherings as well!


Also in said meetings, watching the clock for the last hour willing it to go faster is a common occurrence for me.

More so than any other time of year, though, I get VERY impatient come March

Why?  Well no I am NOT a college basketball fan, though I may do a random bracket for a try at the Billion dollar prize that is being offered.  It’s not because spring is coming.  Here in Seattle wet weather can, and usually does, last until May.  Nor am I a big fan of Easter.  Shoot most of the time I flat forget it’s coming.

Nope, March is REI dividend month!  Let the fireworks fly!


Yep!  REI is an outdoor CO-OP (Recreational Equipment Incorporated) started in Seattle.  With the purchase of a lifetime membership for $20 (I signed up for $15) you get 10% of your non-sale purchases back!  With REI being next door to my office, a purchase happens entirely too often.

The add to it, my VISA card is an REI VISA from US Bank!  This means I get a certain percentage (yeah I forget how much) of my purchases added to my dividend!  This is the card I use when I travel for the Mighty P as well as the Holy P.  I did both last year.  You gotta love getting dividends on expenses your company reimburses you for!  And since I keep that sucker paid off, it doesn’t hurt me to have it!

Its funny, though, I get more excited to get the dividend than to spend it!  After cycling and hiking forever, I simply don’t NEED anything anymore.  This makes it fun, because I can wait and find that PERFECT thing to buy.  I never have the money burning a hole in my pocket feeling, I just want it in my pocket!

Here in the impatient part.  I could simply wait for it to show up in the mail.  I know it will be here sooner or later.  But I want to know NOW!  This means each and every day, I log on to REI.COM and search for the amount.  So far it keeps saying “Check back later”  Well tomorrow is later!  Shoot, later today is later!!

I know the second I have the total I will head over and walk around.  Maybe a new bike rack, or a bike repair stand, or a leatherman tool, or…..

Or, maybe this will be the year I don’t buy anything and hold on to it long enough to cash it in for money in my pocket….

I doubt it!  NOT when I can get 20% off 1 item if I buy it within 30 days of dividend…. Hmm maybe its time to check the internet again!  It’s Later!

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