Riding Sick

I read a lot.  Over the years I’ve read many books, untold number of magazines, newspaper articles, you name it, I’ve read them.  since I was a little kid, I’ve been curious  how things work.  The best way to learn is to read.  And NOT just the interwebs.  Sadly, no one, or at least no one I know, can remember everything we’ve read.  It would be nice if we could though.

Instead, I believe our brains hold on to things for a bit, renders it down some, and throws out the crap we don’t think we need.  However the important stuff, that sticks with you.  This came into play today when I felt like crud.

In normal years, I catch one cold.  Mine was in October, so I thought I was done for the winter.  Which made me even more mad when I woke up yesterday with a sore throat!  For some reason, whenever I catch a cold, it starts as a sore throat.  Maybe it was the 50 miles over 3 days in the rain that did it…

Today, was worse.  I woke up full on stuffed up and with a cold.  Suckbutt!  I hate being sick.  Worse, I have a 50 mile ride scheduled for this weekend.  The longest ride of the year.  I need to get more miles under this butt.  But is smart to ride when you are sick?

That’s when reading comes to my rescue.  I remember reading an article, I think it was in Outside magazine, on just this subject, working out when sick.  In the article, the author stated the key to working out sick is a fever.

Working out raises your boy temp, thats why we get warm.  If you already have a fever, it really isn’t smart to throw workout heat on top of that.  Which means working out with the flu is a bad thing.  However, with a cold there is no fever.  This means riding is ok!

Plus for me, I actually feel better in the fresh air.  Working out, makes you breath heavier.  Every time you breath out you exhale virus, inhale, you bring in clean air.  The more you do, the faster you heal!  Ok that I haven’t read that, its a Tony theory.

At work though, I was trying not to be too loud when I coughed or blew my nose, but it was loud enough for the co workers to hear.  So starting at 8:30, they began the “Shouldn’t you just go home and not get us sick?”  Well, after two meetings and publishing an learn, I decided enough was enough.

At 1:30 I saddled up! It was gorgeous!  Blue skies, clouds, tail wind I was flying!  image

My route goes through the UW, and it seems like I got lucky.  I musta hit campus when everyone was in class, cuz the trail was empty.  Love it!

Funny thing, while riding, there was no coughing, the nose was clear, and I felt great!  I think the ride tomorrow will be a big help!  As I road, though, I noticed something.  My gorgeous weather was disappearing, and I was heading into “not so nice”


I REALLY didn’t want to get wet today!  So I gunned it!  Luckily, I only got sprinkled on a bit before I got to Rite Aid (had to grab cold meds)  and the real rain held off until after I got home!

So yes, it IS a good thing to ride with a cold, otherwise I’d just sit and complain.  When this posts, I will on the way to Starbucks and then heading out for the McClinchy mile!  Hoping I feel better tomorrow!

I AM glad I left early today though!

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  1. We already knew you have boy temp (a permanent condition as well as a typo) and we hope you don’t have boy pneumonia after your weekend. Give it a rest, drink liquids. You will still be a boy even if you give yourself a break.

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