Day of Rest My Eye!

OK, recently I posted that I had completed my over 2 year journey of reading the good book.  There is a LOT of information in there, but one recurring theme is that Sunday is a day of rest.

So like most of you, I spent the day relaxing, doing nothing, and just contemplating life, just like every Sunday.

Yeah NOT so much….

At our house, Sunday tends to be errand and chore day!  We like to relax and have fun on Saturdays, and get stuff done on Sundays before we have to get back to work Monday.  This means that we generally have a list of things to do!



And today was no exception!  As it was a typical Sunday lets take you through what needs to be done.

First off, was the Starbucks run.  The 4 pump vanilla black ice tea helps get Michelle up and running.  I am more of the black tea or coffee guy, which I make at home.

Second:  breakfast.  I whipped up a quick batch of scrambled eggs with feta cheese to eat while we caught up on Facebook, twitter, email and whatever else we do on he iPads.

Third:  Cats.  Fed, watered, litter box, pets, scratches, and attention as needed.

Fourth:  Social media and breakfast done, Michelle starts laundry while I empty and start to refill the dishwasher!  (for two people we always seem to have plenty of laundry AND dishes to do!)

Fifth:  Round two for Starbucks.  Hey, I have a gold gift card, so refills are freefills at my Starbucks, even if I don’t stay there while drinking it!

Sixth: Errands. These vary on any given Sunday.  But today was pretty typical:

Costco:  A few small things, and the big bag of kitty litter.  Our 2 cats poop a LOT and it seems we are always running out.

Bartell Drugs:  We had called in a couple of items last week and just hadn’t gotten around yet to going to pick them up.

Safeway:  Hey people gotta eat!  Fruits, veggies, CHEESE, powerades, and assorted other items, remember to bring the shopping bags, someone passed a plastic bag ban recently.

Gas:  Our weekly fill up.  Riding my bike keeps us from having to fill up both cars each week, but we still need one filled.  Luckily Safeway has a gas station right there!

Thriftway:  Safeway didn’t have Michelle’s gluten free bread!  So one additional stop.

Phew!!  Home finally and now time to rest!  HAH!  No hardly.

Seventh:  I put away groceries while Michelle switches laundry (could be seven and eight but hey who’s counting)

Eight:  Prep for food for the week…  Food for the week?  Yep, we are trying to eat healthy, so we make and bring lunches.

Make Hard boiled eggs, great snack.

Make baked garlic chicken!  I usually also have to make a salad to go with it, but Michelle mad Minestrone soup last night with plenty of left overs!

Make mashed potatoes.  Huh?  My beautiful wife loves mash potatoes for breakfast.  With horse radish!  UGH!!!  So I whips up a big batch on sunday!

OK that done NOW time to rest?


Nine: Fold Laundry and put it away.  While doing so, grabbing out the work out clothes for the week.

Ten: Get bike ready for Monday’s ride home.

Now this is the bare minimum.  Sometimes there needs to be a ride squeezed into the day, that usually entails getting up very early.  Or there is pet food to buy.  Soon there will be a yard to mow and a car to go to car wash….

So as you can see, there is no day of rest in Mountainstrohville!  I didn’t even add in writing the blog and responding to comments!

However, at least today and for the next couple of weeks there is SOMETHING to look forward to on Sunday!  Its Walking Dead night!  Yep I take an hour to sit and enjoy myself, while texting with the Manchild and messaging back and forth with Stacy during the episode!

Of course that does mean I better get laundry folding started…

Day or rest? We don’t need no stinkin day of rest!

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