Love this time of Year!

If you did not know prior to this, I work in downtown Seattle Washington and live just north of here. (17 miles as the bike travels a little closer if you use the freeway and a car).  Like most of you, OK those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, in Seattle this was the first day of Spring!

I am not sure about the rest of the world, but around here, the transition from Winter to Spring is a crap shoot when it comes to weather.  With the odds leaning to pretty darn crappy at times.  Which is why this picture posted by a local radio station made me giggle.


This year is no exception

Last night, luckily for me, was NOT a bike ride home night.  I was helping Michelle run a Toastmaster International Speech/Speech Evaluation contest.  I can see your wheels spinning.  “Tony, you consider yourself lucky to be in a speech contest instead of on the back of the bike?”

Well, last night, about the time I would’ve been riding home, winter decided to let us know it was still around.  KOMO 4 news posted this at the time I would’ve been RIGHT in the middle of it.


There were reports of high winds, hail, heavy rain and even snow!!  It would have been an interesting ride, but I am not thinking it woulda been any fun.  I am happy to have missed it. Then this morning we woke to frosted cars and slightly slippery roads.  Winter hates to let go.

This is NOT unusual.  I remember back in elementary school, we had just discussed the first day of spring, and how it would start getting warmer and nicer.  I looked outside and saw a BLIZZARD!  The biggest snowflakes I had ever seen, or seen since!  We were given an impromptu extra recess to go catch them on our tongues!

More often than not, my first day of spring lunch time walks involve pouring rain, or cold temps or both!  Spring does NOT mean put away the gortex!  However, it’s the walks that make me really like the first day of Spring.  Each and every year since 97 that I have worked in Seattle I have gone downtown on the first day of Spring.

Why? Because of these.



Flowers?  Yep!  You see, on the first day of Spring the Pike Place Market comes downtown with buckets of flowers to give to the pedestrians walking around.  It’s something simple, and small, and there have been days I have had to carry my flowers back to the office while wearing gloves to stay warm and huddled under an umbrells.

This was my first year back after being laid off 3 years ago.  Each first day of spring while at the Holy P, I’d tell people at work about the flowers and just be kinda bummed I wasn’t there to go downtown for some silly flowers.  This year, as you can see, I was front and center.  Something about the bright yellow flowers during a rainy month just makes me smile every time.  Today was no exception.

The day continued to get better!  I went to REI with Michelle to pick up some shoe inserts, and I was told the dividends were in this year!  I scored BIG.  All the work travel on the REI VISA card, plus being back in Seattle next to REI paid off!  $265 in fun money! Oh yeah! If and when I spend it I am sure I will post the new items.

Got my Spring time flowers AND my dividend, what could make it better?  A sunny, dry ride home!  Better yet, Michelle left a bit later, so I was able to give her my panniers.  I got the ride the lightest bike possible.  I FLEW over the path!   It made up for the grouchy rides earlier this week.

I hope your first day of spring was a great as mine.  Day 2 may NOT be so great, gotta go to the dentist.  But at least day one was great!

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