That didn’t work out the way I planned

I can NOT tell you how many times over the last almost 50 years I have said this phrase.  From the time I slid down an icy embankment when I was 5 (I was trying to get to cool icicles.  Mom had to throw me a clothes line and pull me up) until the day I slid the rental car into the truck earlier this month, I have tried some things that just didn’t work.

Today, I can add to the list of days this has happened to me, but for once, at least part of it, was NOT my fault!

To start with I had to go to the dentist.


I HATE going to the dentist, even though she is a very sweet lady.  When I was a kid, I went to army dentists.  They are NOT the nicest people in the world.  So I went as little as possible.  And then I stopped going to dentists at all for 20 years…

As you might expect, I paid for that, by having to get a LOT of work done.  It just so happens, that when I was married to my ex, her best friend was married to a dentist.  We’ll call him Josh.  Josh knew I was scared of dentists, and wanted to only have the bare minimum done.  So he filled anything with a hole in it, cleaned the teeth once a month, and kept the choppers going for quite a while.

Well, in the last couple years, Josh went off the deep end after splitting with his wife.  I decided a potentially pyscho dentist was a bad plan, so I finally gave in and went to Michelle’s doc Connie.  A very nice lady.

However, SHE was not willing to do as little as possible, and has been making up for Josh’s mistakes.  I’ve had fillings, deep cleanings and have to go MUCH more often than once a year.

So today was the big one, a quick filling, then pulling a tooth.  UGH!!! I was prepared for a long painful day and a recovery weekend!

But when I got there, Connie wasn’t there!  She was out of town for some reason!  Back up dentist (I didn’t know dentists had a bullpen) looked at the X-rays and said “No WAY am pulling that sucker!) so I ended up with just the filling!  OH HELL YEAH!!  I can do a filling standing on my head!  We were done in a hour!

I got home, it had been dry all day, so I sucked it up (as much as I could with numb lips) and decided to mow the grass.  Seemed relatively easy.  But again, things do not always go as planned.

The mower we have is ancient.  Before I moved in up here, Michelle had traded 2 six packs of good beer for it.  it keeps firing up every year, so I keep using it.  This year it fired right up!  COOL!  Its on! Soon the front was done and I was on to the back.  Pretty dawn proud of myself actually, as I had started this without Michelle having to ask.

But, then, plans changed.  Even though I walked the yard, I missed a stick! It was small, but thick.  I hit that think, heard a “clunk” and the mower stopped dead!  Damn… (This was the part that WAS my fault)

OK, no biggie, things like this happen, lets fire this mother back up! However, no matter what I did, I could not get it to keep running.  It started, chugged for bit then died again. You should know though, that my mechanical skills aren’t all that impressive.  If I can’t fix it with duct tape, or by hitting it with a hammer, or by changing the batteries, I am out.

So here I sit, sipping Powerade, with a half mowed back yard.  I am going to try and see if it works in the morning (Don’t laugh, things like that have happened with this mower).  If not, it will be time to take it down to a second hand mower place, and trade it in for a slightly newer one.

All in all, not a terrible day.  Didn’t get anything major accomplished, but I at least tried. One thing that does make me happy is that without being in recovery mode, I should be able to get a good long ride in on Sunday when its supposed to be nice!

But now I gotta find another day that will work for this damn tooth….

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