Gotta love a good ride

I don’t know about where you are, but here in the Pacific Northwest, particularly around Seattle, we have had the 3rd wettest March of all time.  Let me tell you for us that’s saying something.  If we get .69″ more before the 31st it will officially be the wettest!  Yay, nothing makes cycling more fun, than record-breaking rainfall.

Ahh, but today, today was forecast to be sunny.  Maybe not particularly warm, but dry and bright!  I decided it was the perfect day for a long ride, I was aiming for 60 miles.  But to do this takes some prep!

First off, Michelle and I got the grocery shopping done yesterday, after sleeping in until after 8!  (That never happens!)  Then, as you may know from yesterdays post, I had to get the lawnmower fixed AND finish mowing the yard.

Then there’s the matter of food.  Recently my Friend and Fellow Blogger Echo, did a post on book called Feed Zone Portables.  A book that gives make it at home recipes for cyclists, and I guess other athletic inclined people.  I ordered it right after I read her post, and last night Michelle broke it out and made these.


They are made from rice, parsley, mushrooms, eggs, and Jack cheese .  The recipe called for swiss, but the Jack was pre-grated AND I like it better.  When they came out of the oven, I tired one, and it was ‘ok’.  I wasn’t sure if I’d really like them on the ride.  We put them in the fridge to cool.

Later I had one, and it was DAMN good!  It’s better cold!  I packed 4 of them today and ate all 4.  If I’da had more, I would easily have had those too.  BIG yum!

So with food and bike ready, it called for an early start. So at 7:30, and at 35 degrees, I was heading down the trail with the sun coming up over the Cascades.



The loop heads down the Burke-Gilman Trail for 10 miles, and then goes onto Lake Washington Blvd.  Remember the rain I told you about?  I passed another spot on the trail that had had a big mud slide in the last few days.  It wasn’t there Thursday when I rode home.  Luckily it was all cleaned up for today.

It then progresses through the town of Renton and around the airport where Boeing builds its 737.image


This sign always makes me laugh, though I have yet to be there when a plane takes off.



It then starts north on the east side of the lake, taking me past the VMAC, the Seahawk practice facility.



Or should I say, Superbowl champions Seahawks


There was a pretty hard wind out of the North for a while, which gained my attention, but as I approached Bellevue, the sun came out and it started warming up!  I was able to get rid of the heavier wind breaker, zip off the long pants (leaving shorts) and for the first time this year, go to fingerless gloves.

It was a GOOD ride, the hill coming out of Kirkland did not seem as tough as it has in the past, and I was making good time.  Then it came to decision time.  There is a spot where I have to decided whether to take a steep hill for 3 miles, which ends up with a shorter ride, or go for the 60 miles with smaller hills.

I really wanted the longer ride today, so the 60 it was!  I went into Woodinville, grabbed the Burke Gilman again and headed home.  The 60 miles ended up taking about 4.5 hours (including stops for pics and get to the food).  The mushroom cheese things were GREAT!!!  It was cold enough to keep them cold.

All in all a great ride, gorgeous day AND, since I’ve been home, I have already fixed the cats scratching post and gotten my salad for the week done (Michelle took care of the chicken and hard boiled eggs!  Thanks babe!)

I am also 100 miles away from 15K over all.  Don’t know that I will get it before the end of March, but we’ll see!

Hope Spring is treating y’all well!




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