A tale of two commutes

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

OK, I admit it, I have never read “A Tale of Two Cities.” I only know this line because its used time and time again on different TV shows, including Star Trek.  However, if you compare Monday night’s commute with Tuesday night’s, it fits perfectly!

Monday was one of those days that reminds us here in Seattle why we live here.  I have friends who used to be north westerners , and now live somewhere warmer and drier, that point out all winter how glad they are NOT to be in dark and gloomy Washington State.

But then, a day like yesterday hit.  Warm (mid 60s) sunny, no breeze, mountains were out, water was sparkling and the perfect day for a bike ride!  As it was a day that made me want to pound my head on my desk at work, the ride home was looking better and better as the day progressed.  Something was bugging me though….

I honestly could NOT remember packing the bike shorts in my panniers.  “But,” thought I, “you always remember to pack those.”  By 930 though, I had to look!  I should listen to my spidey sense.  In the bag I found not one but jerseys but no shorts!  DAMN!

OK, the brain went into planning mode.  Ride home in the 501s?  Nope too hot.  Turn 501s into cut offs! (worked once while river rafting!) Maybe, hold that thought, but locate scissors.  Wear jersey 2 as pants?  (Scary enough I considered this for more than an instance).  Ok no.  REI!

I made a run over, and couldn’t find what I wanted for a price I would pay.  Nor was I willing to buy them, use them, then bring them back the next day.  Many have, not me.  I was looking for the scissors and eyeing the jeans when it hit me!  I had workout shorts in the locker downstairs!  They didn’t have padding, but I was sure I had enough butt callouses built up, combined with a gel seat, and should be ok for a quick 17 miles.

It was perfect.  The first no coat of any kind ride!  Sun was out, Michelle brought home the panniers for me, and I was flying on the trail.  Even after 60 miles on Sunday, I was feeling no pain, and shaved 10 minutes off my normal time. (no chaffing either, I could tell you were worried) Spring is here I thought for a bit.  But I know Seattle….

However, one final great thing, I got home and Michelle had baked ziti in the oven!  BIG YUM!!!  I ate half the dish, I was starved.  Perfect end to perfect ride.

But then, Today…  the rains returned to Seattle (hell it is only March).  And, instead of riding, I was driving to Federal Way to have dinner with the Manchild at my mom’s after work.  Sometime before I left, it poured hard, then the sun came out quick.  You’d think we here in Seattle could drive in the rain!  But nope.  20 cars got tangled up in 3 different  accidents on I5. (supposedly blinded by the strange yellow orb in the sky)

CRAP!!  Luckily, I have driven south for many MANY years.  I know ever back way there is, so I dove off the freeway and bobbed and weaved.  Trouble is, everyone else who knows these routes were doing the same thing.  The drive that normally takes 45 minutes to an hour took 2 tonight.  Good thing I left early.

On the plus side, Manchild had requested home-made calzones!  OMG, two great meals (and totally breaking the Tony diet) in two days! YUM!  Plus a birthday cupcake! (ok 2)

After our normal hang out and cribbage game (I lost) at Starbucks, I dropped him off and headed north.  I had to dodge two more accidents at 8PM! These people are nuts!  However, I did stop and did my stairs, adding an extra rep to try to work off the two big meals!

Tonight reminded me, as if I needed it, why I like bike commuting!  There’s never traffic, and I never feel frustrated at the end!  I will ride home Wednesday, and I have double checked the bag, the shorts and everything else I need are packed!  I am ready to go!

2 thoughts on “A tale of two commutes

  1. Man I’m jealous, sounds like it was the perfect day for a ride. I am waiting for that day here in OK (downpours today) glad you did not go the jersey as shorts route……that would have been interesting lol. Glad you got it figured out.

    All the best,

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