Going WAY old school

Well today was a different day in Seattle.  It rained ALL day, getting us closer to 10 inches of rain for the month of March (Yep we have already set a record as the wettest March ever).  Just in the last hour lightning hit a local church (no one hurt but sure blew a whole in it (as a heathen I could do a post on ONLY this, but I will refrain))

It was also our first weekend with the Manchild after his 16th birthday.  Originally, I planned that he’d be able to go to the Emerald City Comicon.  But I didn’t get tickets in time.  This meant I had to come up with something else fun.  To do so I reached back to MY past.

A friend and co-worker Lisa forwarded me an article, about a month ago, about a place in the International District of Seattle.  Manchild and I have been talking about going there and today seemed a great day.  Michelle had one of our friends over for the friend’s birthday brunch.  So after eating and chatting a bit, Manchild and I headed out.

Where did we go?  Well in the middle of the International District (formerly known as Chinatown) is this little hole in the wall place.


Yep!  The Seattle Pinball Museum, at 508 Maynard Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104.  You may be thinking.  What’s so fun about going to look at old pinball machines?

Well its NOT a place to look.


Yep!  it’s a place to play!  $13 buys you a wristband and unlimited play time.  Every game is set on free play.  And as you can see the games vary from recent to VERY old school.  And yes they had one dedicated to The Who’s “Pinball Wizard”image


How old school?  Check out this.


Uh huh, hell even I don’t remember pinball being less than 25cents a play.

The old combined with the new made it even more challenging.  The new games were fast, required quick reflexes (which I still have!  I rocked the multi-ball rounds!)  But the old ones, required more skill.  The ball moves slower, the paddles are smaller.  You have to aim better. AND, after playing the fast games, my reflexes were too fast for the old school.  I’d try to stop the ball too soon and miss it.  Much like a baseball pitcher throwing a change-up when the batter was expecting the heat!

I was having all kinds of fun with these machines.  But then I got a text from the Manchild.  “Come upstairs NOW!”  When I did, this is what I found:


And not just Galaga!!  Missile Command and Asteroids as well!  Three of the best games from the golden age of video games!  I even found Pin-Bot, the game that talked to you like a cylon from the old Battle Star Galactica.  (It was too dark to get a picture)

We were there for the better part of 3 hours.  I had no idea how much of a sweat you work up by playing pinball.  Manchild kept telling me I was too aggressive and would Tilt the machines.  I had to laugh, since before today, I MIGHT have seen him play 3 games of pinball his entire life.

Ok, to be perfectly honest, I did tilt 2, but I think those were just sensitive.  The best part,  was at the end, while we were walking back to the car, and the kid said “Wow I had a LOT more fun than I thought I would!!  We need to do that again!”

I like it when I can still think like a 16 year old!

OH! And even though ALL games were free, I still did a fist pump when I scored a free game on this one!!



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  1. thats awesome! love pinball, another place to add to the list when i go there in july, i always have to hit up the EMP museum for the scifi exhibits and the jimi hendrix exhibit, and they also have nirvana exhibit too, seattle is a great city!

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