Being Smart for a Change

I hate being sick.  Even more so, I hate ADMITTING than I am sick.  It just goes against the grain.  Back in “the day” I never seemed to catch anything, and if I did, I kicked it in 48 hours or so.  (OK maybe this isn’t 100% true, but “Back in the day” was a LONG LONG time ago so my memory is fuzzy)  I almost never admitted to being sick.

Nowadays, I still think I get sick less than most.  But lately, the new hires that I train keep coming to their first day sick!  And when you are trapped in a room with someone for 1 – 4 weeks (depending on the class) and there are no windows to open to bring in fresh air…

Yep this happened again last week… Continue reading “Being Smart for a Change”

Tell me I did NOT Hear that!

You know, overall I know I am many things: Loud, sometimes obnoxious (in a good way) energetic, cold & callous. reasonably intelligent, kinda funny, a pain in the rear and a cyclist. I think we can all describe ourselves in many ways.

One thing, though, I’ve kinda prided myself on is my tolerance. It takes a lot to get me fired up. Last night though, listening to the radio it happened! Continue reading “Tell me I did NOT Hear that!”

Ok its starting to get real!

Did you ever break out a calendar, look at the date and go OH SHIT!  Yep, so have I.  This year has flown by, and April faster than anything.  Suddenly it turns out that April is over this week.

Why does that matter?  Well I don’t care about the month itself.  I don’t run around every year shouting “Its April!”  No, the problem is, the first Century ride of the year is next Sunday! Continue reading “Ok its starting to get real!”

Two Trips my Ass!

You never know what old skills will be needed on any given day.  Over the years I have picked up a variety of talents.  I can still keep up with the fastest checker at Safeway when they don’t have a bagger handy.  I learned long ago how to jump-start a car and to pop a clutch.  And I can still add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.  All to name a few.  I can even stand on my head and drink beer without drowning.  (Thanks Jim and Dave!)

Today though, none of these were called for.  Instead I was asked to demonstrate my moving skills. Continue reading “Two Trips my Ass!”

Pulling a Tony

Recently, I was eating dinner with someone (I don’t want to say whom for reason I am sure you will understand soon) when we got to talking about one of her relatives.  Now the relative is NOT the nicest person in the world.  In fact she can be down right mean quite often.

This person had been considering going back to the home state his summer just to see how things had changed over the years.  However, this person decided not to, because that would mean a visit to the mean relative.

I gave a small smile, and said, “Not if you pull a Tony!” Continue reading “Pulling a Tony”