Racking Up the Miles: March 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, the weather this month was NOT fun.  Why was it not fun?  Well many many days this month, when I looked outside, I saw this:

imageNow I know what you are thinking.  “Dude, you live in Seattle!  It rains there!” Yes it does, but not like this month.

You see, March 2014 broke a record.  Back in 1950, long before I was born, Seattle received 8.4 inches of rain in March.  That sounds like a helluva lot of falling water, and it is.  However, Momma Nature decided this was the time to not just squeak past the record, but to crush it!  Yep, we received 9.44 inches of rain!  In addition, this was the rainiest single month since November of 2006.

Shoot, two days ago a church was hit by lighting.  Hopefully someone wasn’t throwing a bolt as me!  Quite often I would check the weather and be greeted by a map that looked liked this, right before my ride was to start.


Which meant I would look like this


Given this one would expect a major decrease in overall miles.  No one likes riding in the rain.  Add to it, having to dodge the occasional mud slide on the route.


I know no one would fault me for a paltry amount of miles.  Well, maybe not THAT paltry….

There were SOME nice days.  image

And other days when I was able to get out before the bad rain hit.  So, add it all together…..

363 miles!!!

I was pleasantly surprised!  I had a 50 and 63 mile ride, the longest of the year.  I had two 100-mile weeks, again the first of the year.  The rest was all bike commutes home, and the occasional extra ride I could sneak it.

The part I like the best this month was the way I’ve felt.  The legs, even after all these miles, have felt great.  Last weeks 60+ ride didn’t faze me in the least! I am ready to step it up to 75 or even 100 soon.  And a good thing too, my first century is a little over a month from now.

However, there is some bad news…  Right after lunch, I got an email from the RAMROD people.  Second year in a row I was aced out!  Now there is still the waiting list.  I need to wait and see how far down I am this time.  But looks like STP in a day will be the ‘big’ ride of the year.

BUT, this is a month to be happy, I did MUCH better than last month, and it was 40 miles over 2013 March. Add to it, all rides were outside, not one shed ride!  April is forecasted to be warmer and drier, so I have hopes of decent rides coming up as well.  I’ll let you know in 30 days!

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