That’s what I’ve always said!

Once again I may surprise you.  Shoot, maybe even shock you.  But here it is:  I am opinionated.  There, yes, I’ve said it.  I hope this isn’t too much of a surprise.  What’s that?  You already knew that?  And here I thought it was new news!

Well, if you knew that, then you probably also know I that I am always willing to share my opinion with anyone and everyone who will listen.  Since my job is being a corporate trainer, I am paid to impart knowledge to others.  I am also my opinion as well, for free. image

What brought me to my ‘confession’ above?  Well, it has to do with being active at work.  You see, unless I am reading a good book, or watching The Walking Dead or House of Cards, I am NOT a good sitter.  I get ancie and start to fidget.  (This is one of the main reason 8 hour visits to my previous in-laws were VERY hard on me.)

So at work I make a point to get up and move around.  I walk two flights down and back up to the lunch room for tea or coffee.  I sometimes walk to the farthest restroom when nature calls.  Anything to get the legs moving after a long stint at the desk.

When I am teaching class, the first day I am ALWAYS exhausted.  I don’t sit at a desk and drone.  I stand almost the whole time, I walk the room, and I move as much as I can.  It makes me seem more energetic, which in turn helps the participants stay awake and focused, even for dry material.  After the first day, I have my teaching legs back and I am able to function.

Then at lunch, rain or shine, I take at least a half hour walk. Its for fresh air, exercise and just relieving stress.  It also helps with work.  More than once while walking, I have come up with a solution for something I am working on.  Using the leg muscles lets the brain relax and ponder, without you even knowing it.

In my humble opinion, doing all this has made me more productive, happier and a better employee.  I have shared this opinion time and time again over the years.  But, as my dear old pappy always said “Opinions are like noses, (ok he didn’t say noses) everyone has one, why should we care about yours?”

Well today, I had confirmation!  We had an all day learning session today for the leadership of the Mighty P.  A Franklin Covey Person came in to teach us a 5 Choices class.  Yep 8 hours in a room.

The man kept us entertained.  Teachers who make you laugh are the very best.  Plus I snagged a table in the back by the liquids, and snacks and the back door.  This made the long sitting tolerable.  I am also not afraid to stand up and listen from my feet either.   All of this made things ok for the long day.

We learned some good things, but then it happened.  He said flat-out, “To stay healthy and be productive, you HAVE to move at work.”  HEY!  That sounds familiar.  “Get away from the desk, walk around the hall, get outside, go talk to someone instead of sending an email.  Find reasons to move around, and you will not regret it!”

I almost did a fist bump and a “HELL YEAH!”  People have thought I was nuts for years for walking in all kinds of weather.  Wondering why I slide down the banisters in the stairwell, and raced people taking the elevator on the way back up.  This man was explaining it for me.

What I found most interesting was him saying, “If you work out hard before work, but then spend the entire day at your desk and don’t move, you’ve ruined any benefit of the morning work out!”  HUH!  Never thought of that!  I’d hate to waste a morning bike commute.

So, yep!  I am going to keep it up. Getting up and walking as much as I can.  Shoot, maybe I’ll even put in for a stand up desk to minimize sitting even more.  It feels good to know that what I thought was just my belief is proven correct.

And of course, after a LONG day of mostly sitting, I had the bike ride home!  Even with it raining the whole trip, it felt very good blowing the stink off me.  There is no better way, in my opinion,  to end the day!

So if you are ever curious what I think, just ask, I am always happy to share!  And hell, sometimes I am right!

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