We’ll Never Know

There are, as we know some mysteries of life that we may NEVER know the answers too. Is there really a Sasquatch or a Loch Ness monster?  Why do UFOs seem to only pick up beer drinking rednecks?  How can people really be New York Yankee fans? And why is Justin Bieber popular?

There are these and many many more out there. Sometimes we just have to be OK with not knowing, otherwise we will drive ourselves nuts.  The Manchild and I are dealing that exact issue tonight…This  is a weekend he is up with us.  On most Fridays, I drive down to Federal Way, about 25 miles from the office, to pick him up.  As usual, I got there and he was still rushing around gathering the stuff he needed for the weekend.  No worries, I’m not in that big a hurry, Friday traffic bites, so hanging a bit isn’t a big deal.

Since it is closer to 40 miles from his house to mine, though, and he is 16, there is no way he’d make it ALL the way (at least an hour’s drive) there without food.  Poor kid might starve.  To prevent this, we hit Subway to get him a footlong, chips and a drink.  Fortified with this, we can usually make it home before he needs a snack!

But this trip to Subway would leave us pondering an answer we will never know!

We walked in, and I was very happy to see there was only one person, a lady, in front of us. I love Subway, but sometimes they can be slow.  She told the little guy behind the counter what kind of sandwich she wanted, the bread, and cheese.  He started making it, and right then and there, (I watched her) she dialed the phone and walked away to talk (VERY LOUDLY).

cell phone

Manchild and I just looked at each other and telepathically chimed “Really???”

The little guy finished the sandwich and looked up perplexed, (he musta been hard of hearing) as he didn’t know where she was.  I just pointed.  “Do you want this toasted?” he said.  “DO YOU WANT THIS TOASTED?” he yelled, but nope couldn’t break through the chatter (she had her back to us!)

He looked at us apologetically, and I raised an eyebrow (sending him a mental message “You ARENT gonna make us wait are you.” )

I could see him muttering under his breath, and he gave her a minute, and them mumbled something like “Screw er!” and asked what we wanted.  We made it all the way to the “toasted or not” stage when she appeared finally and, of course, jumped in front of us.

The guy honestly curled is lip with a snarl and looked at me.  I nodded ok, so he asked her what veggies she wanted.  (he was done asking about toasting it) Just as he finished with her sandwich, she said “OH! I need to order one for Uncle John too!”  (By this time there were 4 people behind me).  He told her she had to get back in line!

GOOD man!  Had she been there the whole time, and realized she was supposed to get 2 sandwiches, I woulda been fine.  it happens.  But make us all wait while you call someone?  Oh HELL no!  If I coulda reached him I’da given him a high-five!

Well she huffed and went to the back of the line.  Manchild and I got our food, and I gave a decent tip.  He earned it.

When we got in the car he looked at me and said deadpan, “I guess we’ll just never know if she wanted it toasted or not.”  He then started to eat.  I just giggled for about a mile, and said, “There are just some mysteries we are just meant not to know…”

Gotta luv that kid!

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