Hold that baby tight ma’am!

When people ask me how and why I started blogging, I quickly point out that it would NOT have happened without Michelle breaking out the Mac book, pulling up WordPress, clicking “Start new blog” and said “HERE YOU GO!” She knew I had been playing with the idea, but thinking “Really, who you but you or mom would read it?”

I soon found I enjoyed the heck out of doing so, and a day just doesn’t seem complete without a blog post. So the why I do it is easy. I enjoy it, I like to tell stories and share things, and people tell me I am good at it.

One thing I didn’t anticipate is that I learn things about myself as well!

This happened after my “Parents know best” post. It refered to the  mom and dad with two kids who had to be rescued off their sailboat on an around the world voyage. People were lambasting the parents for putting their children in danger. It hacked me off as kids, who experience adventure young, will keep looking for it when they grow up.

Well my mom, an avid reader of 15,000 miles (thanks Mom!) told me something I didn’t know in a comment. Back in 1965, I was just 6 months old, my dad was in the army and stationed in Germany. She and I were flying to meet him. We caught a flight from Harrisburg, PA to La Guardia in NY. Evidently, our flight to Germany flew out of JFK.

Now I know very little about the geography of NYC, or how far away the airports are. But, evidently, the best way to get us from one to the other in time for the flight was a helicopter! Oh hell yeah! (I am sure 6 month old Mountainstroh thought JUST that!)

baby pic

Remember now, this was 1965. Safety concerns were a BIT less strict back then. No car seat for me! Mom was told “Hold tight to the baby ma’am!”

From her reports, I loved it! She was scared to death and continued to apologize to me for “risking my life” for the next 6 months. Funny thing is, I’ve never been on one since but I have ALWAYS wanted to. For a while, back in Jr Hi when we had to pick careers, I REALLY wanted to be a chopper pilot!

I have a hypothesis though. And I will add that there is NO scientific basis to this at all. Merely a thought rattling around this head of mine.

My mom taking me on that helicopter was the best thing that coulda happened to me. My little baby adrenalin glands kicked in LONG before my teen years. I like to think I was sitting there trying to tell the pilot to go FASTER and wondering it choppers could do barrel rolls!

This explains why I have always wanted to ride the big roller coasters, climb as high as I could in a tree, would jump off the highest spot possible into the soft sand in “Sand Canyon” and, as I grew up, tried to climb BIG mountains. (Not to mention skydiving and bungie jumping!)

Moral of the story, as early as possible, get your kids out to do something fun and exciting. something other parents would be SHOCKED that you did (I let manchild go paragliding when he hit 12, and early on had them both climbing things that freaked out their mom some). They will have much more fun in life!

I’ve always kinda thought that when it came to what I inherited from my parents I got the adventure gene from my dad (The man who would chase a bear down the road in a VW Bus, and ford a creek with the same vehicle to get to fire wood) and my common sense from my mom.

I may have to rethink that now! Mom’s chopper flight may have been the catalyst that kick started me into the adventure seeker I am today!


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