Lunchroom Chatter!

You just never know what conversations you will have while sitting in the lunch room at work.

I am far from the most social person when I am down there. I always say high to our barista. Yep, we are in Seattle and have our own latte stand in our cafeteria (how cliché is that?). I also say hi to all the folks who work in the room, they’ve been there for years.

But, generally after I’ve made my oatmeal in the morning, or heated up my lunch, I go to the window counter table, turn my back to the world, and read while I eat. It’s a relaxing 15 minutes or so before I walk.

Sometimes though, people come up to me….

Thursday’s lunch was one of these days.  I was sitting there finishing a book, when my buddy Steve came up to me.

Now Steve is famous in Moutainstroh lore as the person who first asked me if I wanted to climb Mt. Rainier. When I agreed, he took me up Mt Si for the first time. That hike damn near killed me! But that question and that hike combined to launch me to where I am today. There is a very real possibility that without this occurring, there would be much more of this:


Than this in my life.


I would also be MUCH less healthy.

But, I digress. Steve came up to me and asked, “Hey I have a 100 mile ride coming up. Have you ever done one?”

OK, I will honestly admit the inner PIB (Pain in the Butt) wanted to say, “100 miles? Are you nuts??? Who would ride that far on a bike!” But I refrained. “Yep a time or two, why?” was what I actually said.

Turns out he is going to ride his first Century ever the Bel-Red 100 this summer. He was looking for tips to ride his first century.  I’ve never ridden that ride, but I have done the route. I told him it was a great run but did he know about Chuckanut? (This is a VERY hilly, gorgeous road near the end of the route. It is a butt kicker). He did

Turns out he has already been training, which is good, but I asked if he was doing hills. When he shook his head, I pointed out that it is a lot like a mountain. You can’t climb Rainier without time with a 40 lb backpack on your back beforehand. So if you don’t want to be pushing your bike up the hills, find training routes that have them as well.  No one LIKES to go out of their way to find a hill, but it helps!

I felt really good to have this conversation. Steve gave me a lot of advice back when I first started hiking he gave me a ton of advice on gear, routes and training. He also saved my butt and got me to Camp Muir the first time when I was carrying the bowling ball for extra weight.

camp muir

He also happens to be the guy who first hired me at the mighty P! I feel like I’ve given back a bit of what I’ve gotten from him.

The second conversation was today and it was a fast one, but surprised the heck out me! One of kitchen staff is Amy. A very tiny Asian lady, about my age, sweet as can be and always makes you smile. She is always full of spit and vinegar in the morning and rushing around getting things done. I point out she is Asian only because she has a heavy accent. Sometimes I am not exactly sure what she says and have to ask her to repeat it.

Today was one of those days. She asked me if I ever sea kayaked. I haven’t, but it is on my list to do, I have ALWAYS wanted to! She then stopped me dead when she said “I own 2 and I love it!”

Wait, what??? I had to have her repeat it twice!  Amy is known for her fashion sense, and high energy. But when you only see people in one setting (working the lunch room) you don’t think about what they do in real life.  I still am having a hard time picturing her paddling out there!  I was very surprised and impressed! Now I REALLY want to try it!

I guess this goes to show that interacting with people is a bad thing, maybe I will make a point of being more social at lunch…

Yeah fat chance! I like my quiet time! But these were fun!

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