Needed a weekend like that

Like most of the working world I really like my weekends.  We get up early, work, commute, go to meetings and come home all week long.  Then we try to get things down around the house or the yard, or errands down before we sneak in some time to read a book and head for bead to start all over again.

But on the weekends, we get to sleep in, eat when we want to, ignore any meeting request we want.  Its, for the most part, our time to do as we please. Most of the time, the very best weekends involve a lot of miles on the bike, seeing sites from the back of two wheels, and sweating up a storm from the exertion.

This weekend, though was a fantastic weekend and I never touched a bike!

A little over four years ago, our buddy Stu married Michelle and I.  However, this year, for the weekends right around the anniversary itself, we had the Manchild up with us.  So we booked this last weekend to get away.

I planned a weekend at the Inn at Langley, on Whidbey Island.  It’s about a half hour drive form our house to the ferry dock and a 20 minute boat ride to the Island.  Here’s the view from our car on the boat ride backimage

The Inn has about 40 rooms, each of them with a view of the Puget Sound


Langley is a tiny little town (HOW TINY IS IT?)  it took about 15 minutes to walk the entire place.  This meant that after seeing the entire thing, it was time to just enjoy the room.



It was a VERY comfy place.  deck overlooking the water, giant soaking tub and a comfy bed with fireplace.


I won’t lie to y’all.  There was a time, not that long ago (ok over 4 years ago) that I was NOT a great relaxer.  I hated sitting,  I had to be doing something, preferably with adrenalin involved.

This weekend, though, I flat SAT on my ass! Michelle and I hung out and relaxed.  We sipped wine



I read books (ok Kindle) for hours on end.  Michelle went to the spa for an hour massage, and we just forgot about the world in general.  We talked, snugged up in bed, took a bath, and watched the waves.  None of the stress of the work week made it across the water.

Funny thing, it wasn’t till the second day, when the clouds parted, that I saw we had views of mountains as well as water.  (Does this happen anywhere but the Northwest?


In addition to resting and sipping wine, we ate and at WELL!  breakfast was a great buffet at the inn, these two kept on eye out for riff raft.


We ate there both mornings, and were full both times.  Sunday we met this older couple as we left, turns out they were the owners Paul and Pam Schell.  (They had said thank you for coming, and I thought they were just two guests being funny. So I said thank you for coming as well!)  (Yeah my wife thinks I am a goof.)

Later, Michelle let me know he also happened to be the ex-mayor of Seattle…  OK, so maybe I am a bit oblivious.

Other meals we ate at a bistro in town!  I had a killer burger one night and fish and chips the other.  Not to mention a triple decker raison bread grilled cheese at a diner while Michelle was at the spa.

Folks, that was simply the most relaxing couple of days I’ve had in a long time.  Michelle called it a complete mind reset.  We need to do it more often.  Maybe not here, it aint cheap, but there has to be ways to get the same relaxing closer to home.

Above anything else, though, I saw a sight you’d never see around here.  In the tiny town of Langley they don’t lock bikes.  Wow if only the rest of the world could be like this.


After reading this, I challenge everyone to book a weekend with your significant other.  Doesn’t matter where, leave the laptop at home (I didn’t even blog) bring books, wine and find places to eat.  You won’t regret it…



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