The theory of weathertivity

One of the games my wife and I like to play here in Seattle is “Spot the tourist.” It is pretty darn easy actually. It’s not because they look like they are lost, or because they are going to touristy places like Pike Place market or the Experience Music Project (I’ve done each of these). And it is sure not because they are in Woodinville tasting wine, (I’ve done this even more often).

Around here is it easy to spot tourists, especially those from California, Arizona, New Mexico or the South, by what they wear. You might think that maybe fashions differ from area to area. However, considering I do well at this game, AND I have no fashion sense, that can’t be it.

The secret is the coat….

Today is a PRIME example. It is in the low to mid 60s today. Sun is shining, birds singing, there is no wind. It is a perfect day. The only down side is I am stuck at work, which means no shorts. I went for a walk at lunch, no coat, and soaked in the rays.

However, looking around as I went through downtown, there were a number a people in down coats, polar fleece and even gloves.   Yep, tourists! While I am looking forward to the bike ride home with shorts and the jersey, fingerless gloves and not even a vest these folks are shivering and trying to stay in the sun at all costs. Since I wear sandals and shorts year round, I have to smile at them and shake my head.

I have a friend of mine who grew up here just south of Seattle in Tacoma. A few years ago, she moved to Georgia. Recently she posted on Facebook that it was cold at the beach in Florida, it was only pushing 70. Meanwhile, this weekend, while Michelle and I were at the beach, it was mid 50s, windy, and felt great! (well to me at least).  To me, her weather, if there was a breeze, sounded amazing.

However, there are times she gets even with me. Because her comfortable is my HOT! I am good until we get close to 75. Once we get above that, I start getting cranky… Cold is so much easier to deal with. (again to me). You can always put ON more layers! I have the gear to be as comfy as can be even in teens or twenties. I don’t ride in that weather (don’t want to hit ice), but walking around outside is great.

But when it gets hot, 70s, 80s or holy crap, the 90s, you can only take off so much. Once you hit shorts, sandals and tshirt, you can’t lose any more layers, and it is just hot and miserable. You can seek out the shade, but that limits where you can go. So it’s either suck it up and pedal (like the Crater Lake century)


Or sit home in front of the fan and whine.

Comfortable weather is relative. When Michelle asks me if its cold outside, I need to adjust my thinking to her comfort NOT mine. When my Georgia friend says its cold, I just sit and giggle. However, I know she will return the favor when I complain about the hot! As you can see, in Key West I look like I was dying, while Michelle was all smiles!


I love it there, and I want to go back, I just know lotsa cool showers, gatorade and water are needed.

So today, as I go home, I will giggle at all the California UW students I pass on the trail, trying to keep warm. I, on the other hand, will be working up a sweat and enjoying the cool breeze the bike generates! In 2 more months though, please bear with me when I get cranky about the summer heat….

Spring is here! (Well today, the rest of the week its supposed to rain! But I honestly do love it here! )

If you can, hop in the saddle and ride!

2 thoughts on “The theory of weathertivity

  1. It’s not the coat that identifies the tourists….(otherwise you have to assume most older folks who get cold easier are tourists) it’s the umbrellas! I still refuse to use an umbrella in GA!!!!

    1. Oh I get that! Though I do use mine on work days for walks, any other time I am wearing shorts and a hood! But I beg to differ. I’ve seen 80 year old natives rocking the shorts next to folks from Texas in parkas 🙂

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