Bulletproof Valente they call me!

There are many reasons I am lucky to have the wife that I do. Michelle and I like each other, we have fun together, we like to talk to each other and we like simply like to be around each other. I am not sure all of these are true for every married couple out there, so I make sure to tell her how much I appreciate her.

There are many more reasons I think this is true. However the one in particular for this post is: she makes sure I am healthy and go to the doctor and dentist as needed!

Now I will fully admit, I do not always make this easy on her. I don’t avoid docs to be a pain, I think I do it because that part of my brain never grew up.

Which part you ask? Well that part of the brain that boys have in their teen years that makes them think they are bulletproof. It’s why we climb trees, play sandlot tackle football (without pads) ride bikes without helmets, and do any number of things that could have and probably should have caused us major bodily damage.

It’s the reason that teenage boys cost more than anyone else for car insurance. We do things we shouldn’t, and therefore get into more accidents than girls the same age. To quote Top Gun: their egos are writing checks that their bodies can’t cash.

This continues well into the 20s and even 30s. We get hurt, we recover. We overdo it, a beer and a couple of ibuprofen do the trick (muscle relaxants and pain relievers you know). For most guys though, they wise up, and start going to the doctor for physicals and to stay healthy.

I didn’t have that happen. Instead I developed this theory over time. I called it the Discovery Channel (or as I referred to it the “Depression Channel”) theory of doctors. My ex loved movies on this channel. In almost everyone, the plot would go as follows:

The hero, or heroine, usually in great shape, an athlete or at least someone who exercised regularly, would go to the doc for a physical, or an injury. During the exam, the doc discovers something is majorly wrong (Cancer or the like.)

Soon after the appointment, now that the person is aware of the issue, his or her health takes a nose dive. My conclusion? If they had skipped the doctor, then they wouldn’t have known about illness, and therefore would still be healthy!

So yep, I skipped going to the doc, probably WAY too much over the years. HOWEVER, that is in the past.

Michelle is the keeper of the calendar in our family (damn good thing, or I’d never be anywhere on time or the right day! She is also the maker of appointments. Because of her this year I’ve already had the deep cleaning of my teeth I’d been putting off, as well as a physical near the end of last year. (This morning I finally went for the blood work he ordered (I was cranky I had to fast for 12 hours prior to giving blood. ))

She has also been able to get me to do something I hadn’t done since high school, get my eyes checked! Over time, even though I can still see forever, and read most things, it has come to the point where I need the cheap Bartell readers for menus in dark places as well as certain forms that need to be completed. Yesterday was my second visit to the eye doc in two years.

I go in to these appointments convinced I am going to come out looking like this…


However, I passed with flying colors! Distance viewing better than perfect! For close up, I can use the 1.25 power cheap glasses from Bartells!

Down deep, I know I am not bullet proof anymore. But instinctually, I still feel like I am. Send warm thoughts to Michelle, that poor thing does NOT have it easy having to watch out for me! Good thing we love each other!

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