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Ladies and gents, I am going to throw a disclaimer out here before I start. I am going to be giving my opinion on a political subject. Before I do so, I will be explaining to the world my views on many things, to act as a reference point for those who reads this to know where I am coming from.

I mean no offense on anything I post, it is merely my view on the world, and I’d be happy to discuss anything and everything I post, and explain my views to anyone interested.

However, if you prefer not read something that is off my normal, sometimes goofball posts, I won’t be offended if you skip this one! So here we go!

First off, what am I? Well I am not a complete bleeding heart liberal nor am I a right-wing wacko. Though I have pieces of both!

I believe that the second amendment was written to protect the rights of any American to own a gun. It mentions maintaining a militia, but remember, at the time, the militia was formed by those with their own rifles. HOWEVER, much like a car, I think a person should be required to be 18, go through a class on gun safety and register the gun. Just makes sense to me. (For the record, I don’t own one, even though I have the right too, I know squat about them and its safer for all (right now) for me to unarmed.)

I believe that a woman has the right to choose what happens to her body. NO that does not mean I am proabortion, no one is, but its her body, her call. Nuff said.

I not only think we should keep capital punishment, but use it more and quicker. The guy who shot up the Batman movie, the guy at the elementary school back east, the one at Ft Worth, or at the representatives gathering in AZ. In EACH of these, there were a ton of witnesses, and there is no question who did it. They were caught at the scene.

Hang em hight and hang em soon. And no I don’t care if they have mental issues. Again nuff said.

Kids should be spanked when they are bad, at home, and in school.  70% should be a C, 80% a B and 90% an A.

ALL medical treatment should be free. The rest of the civilized world does this, AND my friends from Canada and Sister in England have no complaints at all about their care, NOR do they have all the issues.  Never ONCE have I heard any other country say “Why can’t we be like the USA” when it comes to medical insurance.

I think congress in general is acting like spoiled brats, but the tea party members are asinine.

Finally I voted for Reagan, Clinton and Obama.

Why did I tell you all this? Because the subject of my post today is Russia and the Ukraine, and what our response should be.  I didn’t want anyone to think I leaned completely left or right as they read this.  I have beliefs in both camps.

One last tidbit about me. When I was a kid I was an army brat and lived in Germany. (This was in the 70s) My class took a field trip to the East German border. I saw the walls, barbed wire and guards looking at us with guns in their hands. I saw the old iron curtain.  And caught a glimpse of what is was like to be under Russia’s thumb.

Because of this, I have NO doubts the Putin wants Ukraine and probably more. It is a land grab pure and simple. But the question remains what should be do about it?

I thought about this post as I was listening to Lars Larsen last night on the right-wing station (I like listening to both right and left. I will give this guy credit, of all the talk radio people he is the one I find that lets opposing views speak on his show and sometimes I partially agree with him)

However, he seemed madder than hell that we aren’t doing enough to stop what is going on over there. And this is where I am going to tell you what I think.

There is NOT a damn thing we can do. Sanctions are fine, and we’ve done it, but do you really think Putin gives a crud? They only thing we could do is put our people in harm’s way to try to stop them. That, ladies and gents, would be all kinds of bad.

It would lead to the two biggest kids on the block beating the crap out of each other. And look at your history, on her own turf (and Ukraine is basically home for them) NO one beats mother Russia. Even if we did start to win, the escalation from conventional war to other options screws everyone…

PLUS, this would be bigger than anything we’ve seen since WWII. Which conceivably could lead to a draft reinstatement JUST as my two kids are the right age. Yea, NO.

The talk show host was calling for a line in the sand. Well we have that. NATO. Since the 40s we have a plan and the allies set up just for this reason. We can’t stop them from doing what they are doing now. BUT, all bets are off if they cross the line of anyone in the NATO alliance. This could still get ugly for us, but it would be us AND Europe together instead of just us…

I feel bad for those who are stuck in the middle over there, but there aint a damn thing we can do at this point. So how bout the right and left work together in DC to get things done we CAN do, and make sure the rest of Europe is with us if it gets worse…

Thanks for reading and tomorrow I promise to be MUCH less serious!

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