Its been a weekend!

You know how weekends are supposed to be relaxing?  You know, sleep in, laze around, sit on your ass?  Yeah that was NOT this weekend. It was busy from the minute I woke up yesterday to about 5 minutes ago when I started writing this post…  I am a bit tired….

Since today was Easter Sunday and I knew we were going to the Mom in laws assisted living place for a quick lunch, that meant any bike riding had to be Saturday.  However, Saturday I had volunteered to work the spring release of Dusted Valley starting at 12:30.



That meant if I was gonna ride, I had to set thealarm and hit the rode early.  However, the night before, Michelle and I left work early, tasted the new wines at DV and then went out to dinner.  This meant I went to bed a bit later, and after a bit of wine.

So at 5:45 AM arrived and the alarm sounded I was NOT happy.  There was no “up and at em!” It was more of a DRAG my ass out of bed.  Michelle and I had planned to go out to breakfast after the ride, so a quick sausage breakfast sandwich from Starbucks got me on the road.

I took my normal 40 mile training route, full of hills, but for some reason it was HARD!  It might have been the lack of sleep, or the wine, or being dehydrated or I am in worse shape than I thought!  (Though there was a bit of a headwind.)  I finished in just over 3 hours, so it wasn’t too bad, but I wasn’t happy with it in general.  Add to it the gears slipped a time or two, VERY annoying.   The good news though is that the bike goes in the shop this week for a tune up!

One thing that made me laugh.  Someone must’ve dumped an entire bottle of dish soap in the manmade water fall of this apartment complex!  This is all suds!


I was home just after 10.  PERFECT, time to go to Diamond Knot brew pub for breakfast. But JUST as we going to the door, up walks the Jehovah’s Witnesses!  CRAP!  They saw us in the window, and knocked.  I ignored them.

Background.  I HATED the old days of telemarketers and I HATE ever more people who knock on my door and bug me.  I can wait forever.  Yep they saw us in the window, but I am NOT answering.  We have it rigged, with a mirror, that I can see people at the door, and they can’t see us!  So I waited.  5 minutes later they left.

These were the laziest witnesses EVER!  They walked not to the neighbors, but to their car parked right out front and drove off.  I am convinced they saw out curtains open, and maybe us moving around, so they stopped.  No wonder he looked out of shape!  They drove down the road looking for others to annoy I mean enlighten.

As we left for breakfast, the rains started.  I got VERY lucky!  My ride was dry and warm.  it ended up raining the rest of the day!

Then it was off to the winery!  This is the about the 10th time I’ve worked there.  Its fun every time.  Normally though, I work the wine closet pulling orders.  Keeps me from having to talk to people unless I want to.  I love working the wine closet!

But NOT this time!  I was working the outside table, greeting people, and encouraging them to come inside!  Wow, cold and callous me talked to people ALL DAY LONG!  But tell me wouldn’t this face wouldn’t bring you in?


Ok maybe I am just crappy at selflies 🙂  But remember I told you it was raining?  Well it rained all afternoon, and it was cold.  Well right next to me was a tall propane heater.  The warmth hooked people and I reeled them in!  After I learned to say “We are tasting 6 GREAT wines for only a $10 tasting fee.” instead of “gimmee 10 bucks!” I drummed up a LOT more business.  The goal was $6000, we did $7700!

But 5 hours of standing, and talking wears a man out!  By the time my shift was over I had EARNED my 3 free bottles!  (I Rachis Syrah, One VR Special Cabernet, and Squirrel Tooth Alice!)   I was exhausted when I got home, and crashed at 8.  (What am I 7?)

We got to sleep in the next morning, but were to be at the mom-in-laws for brunch at 1130.  We got there in plenty of time, and went downstairs, into a line of older ladies.  Now it was 1125, NOT 1130, so they weren’t seating yet.  Lord, you woulda thought they were 2 hours late!

I have never heard so many cranky 70 and 80 year old women!  It there were torches and pitchforks handy, I woulda been afraid to be part of the kitchen help!  At 1130 sharp, we were seated!  I personally thought the food was ok, but I think the grouches just preferred to grouch…  I was kinda glad it was time to leave after the meal.

The rest of the afternoon was chore and errand time.  Groceries, laundry, getting lunches ready for the week.  HOWEVER, Michelle made us Au Gratin potatoes!  YUM!!

But then there was dishes, and getting the bike ready for tomorrow.  I am tuckered!  Sadly, tomorrow I have to be ON during the day as I am teaching a new employee.  I also still get to watch Game of Thrones tonight, so no bed till 10!

It was a good weekend, and enjoyed both my ride and spending the entire day today with Michelle.  But I’ll tell ya, I already know I will be BEAT tomorrow!

Oh well, no pain no gain I guess!

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