Craigslist Karma

Over the years I have discovered many differences between men and women.  Guys, in general, smell worse, have fewer manners, are louder, and are more likely to try something, that in retrospect, might not have been the smartest thing ever.  These are just a few things that separates us.

But the one I am referring to here, is the desire to rearrange the house.

In my almost 50 years, I have found men and women look at the furnishing in a house much differently.

I understand fully that I might be generalizing here.  But most of the guys I know get the furniture set up the way they like it when they first move in a house.  If it works, meaning they can see the TV, they don’t stub a toe too often, and the couch is comfy to nap on, the furniture will be found in the exact same place 10 years later.

The ladies I have known though, including my gorgeous wife, like to rearrange and try new things.  Leaving it the same can get boring.  Its fun to try something new.  I would also like to go on record, that with Michelle, when we move things around, it ends up being better and even more functional than before.

We are in that process right now.  This weekend we changed the TV room around.  In essence, we shifted things about 90 degrees counter-clockwise.  I have to say though I like it!

The next step was harder.  The dining room has this HUGE table for eight.


90% of the time, it’s just Michelle and I in the house, and we eat sitting on the comfy chairs, or on the floor.  Once a year, when we have friends over for Festivus, we might use all the chairs, but then again, we might not.

So, we decided it was time to get rid of this big (and I might add HEAVY assed) table.  The easiest way? Craigslist! Michelle posted it on Monday, and it was sold this afternoon.  In fact, the people just left with it.

So what do I mean by Craigslist karma?  Well it might seem silly, but, at least in this case., Craigslist picked the perfect people.  They showed up with 2 SUVS (his and hers, older ones).  He came in first and said “OH she will LOVE this!”  When she came in, she did.  “ITS PERFECT!”

They have a family of 6 kids, ranging from 16 months to 16 years.  He told me they had a hand me down table, but it really cheesy.  They had been looking for one like ours for a long time, but usually when they found one, it was either too expensive, or to cheaply made.

Let me tell you, this one was solid wood!  I could tell they were pleased beyond belief.  We got the chairs outside, and then the dad and I (DAMN I am glad he was big and strong) got the table out the back door and through the gate.  It just fit in the bigger SUV, which is nice at the rains are again coming.

Here is why I think is was karma.  That table was nice, but it was wasted here.  Honestly, a month could go by and no one would sit at it.

Now, as early as tomorrow morning, a big family will start to make use of it every day.  Michelle’s desire to change things around, made someone we didn’t even know very happy.  Even cold and callous me appreciated that!

We will now be looking for a smaller table we will use when we work from home, but now we can do other things with that space as well.

Maybe, in this case anyway, the guys way of doing things might not be the best!  Good job babe!

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