The dog ate my homework! (OK Dad messed it up!)

It was a bit of a strange evening in Strohville.  Since it was Tuesday, that meant I was heading down to Federal Way to see the Manchild for dinner.  This time we were eating in the best place in town, his Grandma’s! (My Mom!)

But no, that was NOT the strange part!

Mom’s was great. Sloppy Joe’s and Tater Tots for dinner with home-made chocolate chip cookies for dinner!  NOT good for the Tony diet but DAMN good.  The Manchild and I did justice to the table I tell ya!

Afterwards, it was off to Starbucks to hang out.  Normally we each get a tea (Early Gray for him green for me) and we play cribbage or chess and talk.  Tonight though, he had math homework.  So I settled in to read while he worked.

We grabbed the only table that was left, which, to our regret, was next to two teen girls.  Lord these two did NOT shut up the whole time, and they were loud.  Normally I could tune them out but one of them was annoying beyond belief.  I quote “Well God wanted me to do this, but I didn’t have any money, so she was kind enough to pay my way.  Then God wanted me to do that, so I found a guy who was willing to pay for me, bless him.  Now God has told me to do this other thing, but I haven’t found anyone to give me the money!”

Now sometimes I think Manchild can read my mind, because I wanted to turn around and say “Dear, it might help if you got a stinking job and then could pay your own way!” But he just gave me the “Don’t embarrass me Dad!” look.

So instead, I succeeded in spilling the entire cop of tea ALL over his homework paper, his math notebook and my leg!

DAMN!!  His teacher has a rule that you can only turn in the assignment on the sheet she hands out (not sure why).  He was livid and worried, it was an important assignment.

I handed him my iPad and said “Start an email to your Teacher and explain your dad is a clumsy dork!  I’ll be right back!” I went next door to Fred Meyers and got him a pad of paper.  Brought it back and told him to copy the problems and answers on these pages while I finished the email.

I read what he had typed, and damned if it did NOT sound just like me.  He channels his dad pretty well!  I added to it a request that she accept the assignment on notebook paper since it was NOT his fault.  I am confident it will be ok.  He’s still worried.

Meanwhile the girls got louder!  I finally handed him my phone so he could use Pandora, while I listened to iTunes to drown them out!  This will sound mean, but maybe God gets her money just so HE can get some peace!!

After I dropped him I headed north to do stairs.  The commute was uneventful until I got to Seattle and saw a pick up, towing a car on a tow dolly (one of those half trailers where you put the front wheels on the trailer, and the back roll as well.) The problem was, he was throwing sparks something fierce.  I couldn’t figure out why.

That us until I past him and caught up to the left tire of the tow dolly still traveling about 40 MPH down I-5 on its own…  It looked like it just came off on it own!  You just don’t see that every day…

I made it to the stairs and did 6 round trips in the pouring rain!  Glad I had the urban Sombrero!


Yep it was a strange night, But it wasn’t boring!  Thanks for visiting

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