I have to admit folks. Lately there have been quite a few days when I flat just do not know what I am going to blog about. I honestly try not to post something just to post. I’ve seen that, it’s boring, and not fair to the people who follow me.

Because of this, I love it when something plops into my lap that inspires a post!   Sometimes it’s a friend’s in person comment, sometimes its something on Facebook, or, like today. it was a tweet!


This made me chuckle out loud! Which is bad because I am teaching a class at work and really shouldn’t have been checking Twitter! (Bad example Valente they call me!) But, honestly, has there ever been a more boring sport that fishing???

Now no offense meant to the fisherman out there. I am not saying it doesn’t take skill to fish. You gotta tie knots, ‘know’ where the fish are, cast accurately and know when you have a bite! (This is just a few of the skills needed.) I have fished myself. For trout in our many lakes, and once for salmon on Puget Sound (I caught a flounder).

Before the kids were born, my ex’s favorite pastime was to head out to go fishing. Hell she could spend all day doing it! Well I like the woods, and nature, so I would tag along. I’d find a comfy log, cast my line, and kick back to read.   Sometimes an hour would go by, and I’d realize I hadn’t checked my line once. As often as not, I’d reel it in, and the bait was gone. So I’d repeat the process.

Needless to say I didn’t catch much….

But, let us now consider the bike! If I’da thought about it back then, I coulda combined Mountainbiking with fishing! I woulda let her pick the lake, and then drop me off. I could have cycled to it, hell even thrown in a line while having lunch, then continued on my way for a while! Becoming healthy with exercise instead of lazing around.

Now granted, cycling doesn’t put food on the table, but then again, neither did me fishing!

I’ve said many times, cycling makes everything better. Errands, commuting, visiting inlaws, and even going to a doctor or dentist appointment. Hell, if they figured out how to hold a sermon while completing a century I might even go to church once. (Ok probably not, but it WOULD be much less boring.)

In all actuality, if I really wanted fish for dinner, I could cycle to the Pike Place market in Seattle. I’d have my choice of any kind of fish you want. No mosquitos, no fishhooks in your lip (yep I have done that) but a great ride!

As you can see here, cycling can even make pub crawling more fun. Ballard, a Seattle neighborhood, has these that groups can rent. They provide the driver the drinkers provide the power!


If you fall off you’ve had TOO much to drink!

All in all, as a fisherman I’d starve. I may not eat better trying to survive on cycling, but I’d have a whole lot more fun!!

8 thoughts on “YAWN!!!!

  1. They have those is Nashville and Chicago too 🙂

    I loved that pic too! Made me laugh. My dad and sis love fishing and I do not. I can’t STAND it. I want to throw myself overboard and start drowning just for some entertainment.

    I’m glad they do, though, because it seems like a very mindful activity that helps you stay in the present moment, just like biking does for me. To each, her own I guess!

  2. Growing up on 2 lakes, I always enjoyed fishing and the sense of victory after wrangling in a panfish (I later on upgraded to northern pikes). But yes…I’d probably choose mountain biking over that. 😉

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