Pulling a Tony

Recently, I was eating dinner with someone (I don’t want to say whom for reason I am sure you will understand soon) when we got to talking about one of her relatives.  Now the relative is NOT the nicest person in the world.  In fact she can be down right mean quite often.

This person had been considering going back to the home state his summer just to see how things had changed over the years.  However, this person decided not to, because that would mean a visit to the mean relative.

I gave a small smile, and said, “Not if you pull a Tony!”

Now, I first want to go on record that pulling a Tony is NOT the same as Pulling a Panama.

imageA Panama, made famous in the Movie Sahara (Based on the Clive Cussler novel)  is when you blow up your boat in an effort to:

  1. Blow up the enemies boats; and
  2. Make it look like you blew up with it so you can escape.

I want to go on record that I am NOT condoning blowing up this person’s relative! (Though a swift kick in the ass may be warranted.)

Nope, pulling a Tony is going somewhere that you have relatives and NOT telling them you are coming or contacting them when you are there.  This was developed and utilized 2 years ago when Michelle and I went to Boston.



I have a TON of relatives in Boston.  I was born there and there are  Uncles, Aunts and enough cousins to choke a horse.  People I haven’t even heard of, or if I have, haven’t seen since Jr  Hi.  If I visited one, I’d woulda had to visit them all!

Yes, I know, there are many people who consider visiting relatives the PURPOSE of a vacation.  “Hey Timmy!  Lets drive 1000 miles so we can have dinner with Aunt and Uncle Fred and Ethel and then sit for days and do nothing then drive home!”

Shoot me now.

I hadn’t been to Boston, as I said, since Jr Hi.  When I was there, I didn’t get to do much but hang out at Grandmas.  This trip I want to see LOTS!  We went to Fenway and saw a game, walked the freedom trail.  Ate GREAT food at Italian places.  Slept in, took naps and just roamed everywhere.  Not to mention all the cool history like the North Church


If I woulda stuck us at relatives, we wouldn’t have seen half of this.

Michelle is great.  This was my family, so this was totally my call.  She kept saying “If you want, we can take a day to visit.”  The thing is, I didn’t want.  It was a great vacation for us, we loved it.

I did get a little flack from some distant relative I had friended on Facebook (My kid sister keeps telling them about me.) But I am pretty sure I ended up unfriending her later since she was a bit of a nut job.

My thinking is this.  We only get a limited number of vacation days each year, and traveling cost money (also limited).  Therefore, I like to make sure we make the most of them.  This means doing as much fun and/or relaxation as possible.

For the record, I also do not mind at all if people come to Seattle and don’t visit me.  Its their vacation, why should they lose even a bit of it?

I really hope the person I had dinner with (and who happens to read 15000 miles) decides  to go back home and check out stuff.  Why should a pain in the ass relative ruin a great time?

AND, if you ever catch yourself thinking “I’d like to go, but if we do we’d have to see…” Just for fun say to yourself “Hey, what would happen if we pulled a Tony…”  You might just feel a wave of relief come over you and you will have a LOT more fun!

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