An Oreo Day

You know, I was going to start this post with “It was a strange day because…”, but then I started thinking, do I ever have normal days?

So instead I will go with: There I was, getting things done and planning to get a whole lot more, when suddenly temptation struck… 

I try to eat well every day.  In fact, I eat better at work that anywhere else.  Breakfast is Oatmeal and a banana.  I have a hard-boiled egg and fruit for a snack in the morning.  Lunch is normally half a baked chicken breast and salad, with more fruit for an afternoon snack.  It’s enough energy to keep me going and not starving, but also keeps me from getting fat and flabby.

This morning, my work team decided to walk to a local coffee shop, Vivace, for morning pastries.  I tagged along for the walk, but I was strong!  An oak you might say!  No pastries for me!

But then I got back to the office, and went over to say good morning to Coni and Timmy.  And there, staring me in the face, was this!


Yep, a maple bar with bacon!!!  I LOVE maple bars, in high school I would get one every day.  Its has been close to a year since I’ve had one.  But now, you add bacon, the KING of all meat to it…  Yeah the mighty oak toppled!

Shoulda known would crumble. This week has NOT been the best for me as far as sticking to the Tony diet.  I need to get back on track.  But DAMN it was good!  It also resulted in a major sugar rush!

Well with the sugar, I was a bit distracted, and maybe NOT a patient as normal.  So a bit later a Facebook person made me mad.

I had heard on the news this morning that there was a measles outbreak going on.  It’s in 13 states, including mine.  One of the reasons is there are people out there who have listened to the queen of bimbosity Jenny McCarthy and think that vaccinations cause autism.

Now this has been debunked time and time again.  The main reason there are more cases of autism right now is that we are better at diagnosing it.  There is no link.   On a purely anecdotal plane, I have a LOT of experience with vaccinations.  I was an army brat.  To travel overseas in the 60s and 70s you got EVERY stinkin shot there was.  Hell I even got a smallpox shot.

None of my siblings, nor anyone I knew in school over there remotely resembled being autistic.  But as my friend Renee pointed out, once a celebrity hits the interwebs with “facts” as she knows it, people will follow.

So I posted on Facebook “DAMMIT VACCINATE YOUR KIDS!”

A ‘friend’ (still not sure where I got her, either a distant cousin, or left over from mafia wars) posted that her kids were allergic to vaccinations.  I apologized immediately, and told her that kids like hers were another reason all kids who COULD be SHOULD be protected.  And then she made me mad…

“Well even if they could, I wouldn’t.  I’ve looked into it on the internet and we who believe it are pretty smart.  The shots do cause autism and I wouldn’t do it.”

WHAT???  Her kids can catch anything, they can’t have the shots, and yet she thinks its ok to put them at risk!  For the first time in recent memory I made use of the unfriend button!

My friends, facebok and in person are many and varied.  Liberals and rednecks.  Pious and atheists.  Feminists and male chauvinists.  Smarter than hell and bless their hearts.  Daily, things are posted I don’t agree with, but life would be boring if we all thought the exact same thing…

But this twit is putting her kids health on the line.  Buh bye!  I felt much better after hitting that button.

That evening, I had one more big event.  Manchild was up, and brought his Nintendo Wii, but he forgot the controller.  However, a guy he met at the video game tournaments owns a store close to us that sells used video game equipment, Another Castle.  So he asked if I would take him.  “We JUST got here, through rush hour, and I had a chance to sit!” thought !.

They have an arcade of vintage video games for a quarter!


“Get your shoes on!”

Yep Donkey Kong, DK Jr, Galaga, Time Crisis, Centipede and MANY more! A great way to end the day.  We will have to do this again SOON>

So yep, an Oreo day.  One annoying thing sandwiched between two great things!

It was memorable though!

7 thoughts on “An Oreo Day

  1. Though Jenny McCarthy did get caught up on the vaccines cause autism, so did so many other intelligent people who were mislead by research of a doctor who was thought to be very credible. My sister, who had her first born have autism decide not to vaccinate her second boy based on that faulty research. My sister is a doctor herself so it was a decision she did not take lightly. Though once the research was proven false, her second boy got all his vaccines.

    The internet is a great place for information but unfortunately not all of the info is good. Once the research was found to be false, there is no way to remove all the info out there that said it was true. I bet if you google autism and vaccines, the first few hundred hits would be all saying vaccines does cause autism, you would have to go a long ways to find the truth.

  2. Anyone who thinks, or ever thought, that vaccines cause autism both don’t understand what vaccines are and lack critical thinking. There are many stupid things that people believe, but I can sometimes see why they believe it. This, however, is one where it’s just downright embarrassing for them.

    Yeah, you can google it and find stuff about how there is a link. But you only believe it if you lack some basic critical thinking and reasoning skills. For example, people should know that blogs are not a legitimate source of medical information. Someone’s blog and personal feelings or experiences are not a legitimate source of science.

    I’m not sure how people have convinced themselves that, with no formal training or even basic education, they are somehow an expert in the medical field. What makes them think that they know more than someone who spent…what? 10+ YEARS studying and making medicine their entire life’s focus? All because they read a few blog posts?! Or worse, because some celebrity thinks so? How sad are we, as a society, that because someone is attractive and famous we believe them over someone with a hard-earned degree? The fact that it’s becoming a problem is a sign that we have problems with our culture and who we consider valuable and credible. This isn’t just a few dumb people, it’s enough that we’re now reaching the “tipping point”

    As for doctors who believed it…well then I have a hard time believing they went to the original source. The article had such horribly flawed methodology than anyone who completed a basic research course would have dismissed it entirely. I don’t remember the specifics because I read it so long ago, but even with little research training (at the time) I remember laughing at it.

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