Two Trips my Ass!

You never know what old skills will be needed on any given day.  Over the years I have picked up a variety of talents.  I can still keep up with the fastest checker at Safeway when they don’t have a bagger handy.  I learned long ago how to jump-start a car and to pop a clutch.  And I can still add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.  All to name a few.  I can even stand on my head and drink beer without drowning.  (Thanks Jim and Dave!)

Today though, none of these were called for.  Instead I was asked to demonstrate my moving skills.My bother in law was moving today.  For the last few years he’d been living with his mom, helping her out as she has gotten older.  Last Christmas, she moved into an assisted living apartment, but he continued to live there as the rent was right (free!)

Don’t get me wrong, the man makes GOOD money, but he makes a point not to spend it.  In July, though, the community as a whole is being sold to a developer.  It was time to move into his own place.  Now the B I L is NOT the friendliest person in the world.  He’s a nice guy, but a bit of a curmudgeon.  Which means there was no group of “guys” to buy pizza for and have them all pitch in.

So without ‘guys’ to call, I was tapped.  I tried to talk him into paying movers, but if you reread the paragraph above, you will see he didn’t want to spend the money.  Instead it was do it yourself and get a Uhaul!  Greaaaaat.

So there we were, at 8AM getting the truck.  I heard him ask, “If I can’t get it back by 5, will I get charged extra?”  5???  Dude you do NOT have that much stuff! I did not sign up for an all day gig.  I predict noon.

We got to the house, opened the truck and got ready to load.  My plan had been to just be the faithful gun toter, and follow instructions.  Until I heard him say, “Yeah, it’s going to take at LEAST 2 trips to get this done!”  OH HELL NO!!

A bit of background.  I was both an Army and Air Force brat.  I have moved many timed over the years.  Plus I used to work for a mini storage company that rented trucks.  I am GOOD at loading.

So there was a mutiny.  Faithful gun toter took over.  “Dude. Show me what we are taking!”  Turns out it was 2 beds, 2 book cases, 2 recliners and few smaller pieces of furniture.  That’s it?  “Yep.”  Pal one trip guaranteed!

The trick is to get the biggest, yet most packable items first (beds, book cases) then save space for the bulky items like recliners.  He was skeptical.  I kept hearing him say “I don’t know….  I think an extra trip.”

image Yep, I called it.  Hell I coulda gotten a lot more in there!  One load!  He just kept looking at it shaking his head.  I will also add it was all packed carefully and we lost nothing.

The great news was he moved about 4 miles away.  We got to the new house, and had it unloaded (including putting the bed together) in nuthin flat!  Total time elapsed at the end?  We dropped off the truck at 11AM!  Hell we didn’t drive enough to even put any gas in it!

We got lucky that the rain predicted for today didn’t happen. Michelle and I had time to work in the yard a bit and get the grass mowed!  I then treated us all to dinner at the Diamond Knot Brew Pub.

Most importantly, I got my bike back out of the shop!  I haven’t had a chance to ride yet, but it looks GREAT.  I love the ride right after the tune up.

I do NOT enjoy moving people.  I know I am going to be sore tomorrow.  The B I L is 59 and NOT in as good of shape.  This meant I tried to take the heavy sides of things we carried.  But at least I know that if I am there we will get done as soon as we can.

Two trips my ass!

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