Ok its starting to get real!

Did you ever break out a calendar, look at the date and go OH SHIT!  Yep, so have I.  This year has flown by, and April faster than anything.  Suddenly it turns out that April is over this week.

Why does that matter?  Well I don’t care about the month itself.  I don’t run around every year shouting “Its April!”  No, the problem is, the first Century ride of the year is next Sunday!

Sunday May 4th is the Mayday Classic.  102 miles from Federal Way out to Carbonado (within spittin distance of Mt Rainier.)  As you might expect, there is some serious elevation on this ride.  In fact, it’s both ways.  Federal Way is on a hill, we will ride down into the valley, and then up to the mountains.  On the way back just for fun, the ride through the valley is know for a killer headwind then, when exhausted, climb back to the finish line.

Yeah this ride is NOT easy.   Looking back on my mileage in  riding, April has really sucked.  In fact, I am really not all that pleased with my riding in general this year.

To give myself some credit, I HAVE ridden a lot of days.  Trouble is, the vast majority have been the 17 mile runs to and from work.  I do push it on these runs, but 17 is NOT 100.  I have been able to sneak in a few longer rides.  40, 50  and 70, but usually by now I have added a 100 on my own.

Am I worried about finishing?  No, I will cross the line, but Monday morning could be ugly.  What it does mean though is I need to build on this ride.  I have a little under 3 months until the big ride of the year, the one day STP (200 miles).

Add to it, part of May is going to be a NON ride time, but for an excellent reason.  Michelle and I are going to Washington DC and Boston for over a week.  Its our first real vacation together in two years.  And, as I always tell her, she is MUCH more important than the bike!

However, what that means is its time to get serious.  Longer rides are no longer a nice to have, it’s a requirement.  I will start doing a much longer route (40 miles) home from work once a week.  On the weekends, the rides have to be 70 -100.

On the century ride at the end of the month, I will ride from my house to the starting and line and return.  That will make it closer to 140 miles, and a big step toward the double century.

June calls for another ride to the top of Chinook Pass, my toughest self supported century.

Chinook Pass

I am also hoping to get a 150 miles ride as well.  However, I need to keep in mind that the clock is ticking, so I better get this planned soon!

I’ve really eased up these last few weeks.  (And now add to it I have a cold!)  But, the bike is out of the shop, all tuned and ready to go.

I will admit I am a bit nervous, but I know this time next week I will be sitting here doing the post about the May Day classic.  Yep time to get serious!


2 thoughts on “Ok its starting to get real!

  1. After reading this, I can only conclude that you’re completely insane! 🙂

    I have to confess I don’t understand people – like you – who obsess over how far they’ve cycled. Cycling for me has never been about the miles. It’s always been about the journey, about getting from A to B in the most enjoyable way possible. The times when I do go for a longer ride, I do so to revel in being outside, and to explore somewhere I may never have been to before. I reserve the right to pootle as slowly as I want to, and to stop and take as many photos as I like. I am definitely not counting the miles.

    1. Many people have said that :). And I love the stop and taking pics rides, in fact, this one coming up has many many spots to do so. That’s why I choose this one . The miles matter to me only because it gets this 50 year old but off the couch and exercising.

      I am not fast, but I get there 🙂 and I love it every time. But you are exactly right, the key for both is to ride cuz we love it!

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