Being Smart for a Change

I hate being sick.  Even more so, I hate ADMITTING than I am sick.  It just goes against the grain.  Back in “the day” I never seemed to catch anything, and if I did, I kicked it in 48 hours or so.  (OK maybe this isn’t 100% true, but “Back in the day” was a LONG LONG time ago so my memory is fuzzy)  I almost never admitted to being sick.

Nowadays, I still think I get sick less than most.  But lately, the new hires that I train keep coming to their first day sick!  And when you are trapped in a room with someone for 1 – 4 weeks (depending on the class) and there are no windows to open to bring in fresh air…

Yep this happened again last week…

The new guy started for his 3.5 days of training with me before I sent him in the field for some OJT (On the Job Training).  Part way through day 2 I knew  I was in trouble.  His eyes were streaming, he was clogged up, sneezing, and looking pretty darn bad,  Crap!  I am going to catch it!  I mean, wow I feel sorry for him (Yeah thats it!) So I sent him home early and dosed myself up on vitamin C.

Yesterday, after a hard weekend of moving stuff and errands, I could feel something coming on.  Sneezing, nose stuffed…  CRAP!  I did catch it.  There are, I know, all kinds of folk medicine, natural, herbal ways to combat congestion.  I choose to ignore those and go for modern western chemicals!  So I dosed up over night.

I woke up stuffed, really unable to breathe and grouchy!  In the past I woulda gone in any way, but today there were two things that stopped me:

  1. I now work with a few self-professed germaphobes.   The slightest indication of a cold causes them to break out the clorox wipes AND purel.  It also brings out the calls of “Off with his head!” I mean the calls of “Tony please go home!”
  2. I may have still gone in, being one who likes to poke the bear a bit, but I have the first Century Ride of the Year on Sunday!  I need to kick this thing now!

So a sick day it was!  I went to Starbucks (whom, by the way, has raised their prices on tea AND Bagels!) for Michelle’s Ice Tea, and settled down on the comfy chair for the day. I predicted the coughing fits to start any time.

Funny thing though, they didn’t.  Sneeze yes, a stuffy nose that wouldn’t quit no matter what I hit it with, yes, but no cold symptoms.  I started thinking it could be the sun and nice weather has kicked off an early allergy season.  For allergies only ONE thing works for me.  Clariton D!  To the drug store!

Luckily, in Washington state, this is an over the counter medication (Other states like Oregon, you need a prescription.)  I did have to have my license scanned though.  Somehow, the stuff in Clariton D can be used to make Meth, so they limit how much you can buy,

I got home, popped one and instantly I could breathe!  YAY!!!!

I still rested the rest of the day, I figured a day on my butt is not a bad idea with the big ride coming!

I did, however, still go see the Manchild.  We hung out, but here is where I was smart the second time.  Normally on the way back, I hit the stairs for 6-8 reps.  It’s a good workout on the days I can’t ride, and I am usually sore in the morning.

However, the big ride is coming!  Though it was NOT easy, as I am feeling fat and flabby lately, I skipped the stairs to come home…  In the long run its a good idea, I know, but it was still hard passing on work out.

I will still ride home the next two nights.  Shoot I have too.  Tomorrow is going to be 75 and Thursday 82.  I am not going to miss the first summertime rides of the year.  I even ditched the wool cycling socks for the thin cottons for the first time since October.

I will skip the ride Friday, and rest up and hydrate Saturday.  Sunday morning I will be in the saddle before 630 and heading toward Mt Rainier. (Seen here from very near the starting line just tonight)


There is no way I can say I always make the smart decisions when it comes to my health, workouts and rides, but today I did!

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6 thoughts on “Being Smart for a Change

  1. I hated when sick people would come into work. Just stay home, I don’t need to get sick too! So, good job Tony 😋 feel better ASAP!

  2. Very true. I go as easy as I can on them when they are sick and send them home as early as possible. One key rule is above all others. My class means I decide what is best…

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