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Take Responsibility for your actions!

You may or may not know something about me.  I work for a Northwest insurance company, that provides auto, home and boat insurance to our customers.  I like to refer to it as the Mighty P.  Currently, I am a … Continue reading

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The Bike Makes it all OK

Ever hear the old saying, “Doctors make the worst patients?”  Personally, I have always wondered whether this was coined by nurses who got stuck having to take the vitals of someone who “could do it him or herself!” Well I think … Continue reading

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Passing on a request from a friend!

Folks, I’ve heard some say you don’t make real friends on Facebook.  I call BS on that, as I have done just that many time!  Once such person is my buddy Joe Kurmaskie (who is also one helluva a cycling author … Continue reading

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Recon Mission

Well y’all, it is time to get serious.  I have less than 2 months until the Seattle to Portland double century.  It’s coming closer faster than I expected.  As usual though, I really just don’t think I’ve cranked out enough … Continue reading

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Another Ibuprofen Day

Today was a much different day than yesterday.  Michelle and I slept in until after 8, and we were able to sit, hang out and have breakfast.  No yard work, no dump trucks delivering, just a relax day, aside from … Continue reading

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It will be an ibuprofen morning!

Folks, I am honestly not brown-nosing when I tell you my wife Michelle doesn’t ask for much. It’s one of the many things I love about her.  If she wants something she will generally just buy the thing herself or … Continue reading

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Make it work people!

Ever watch a movie enough times that you know all the lines? Even better, You’ve watched it enough that you look for opportunities to use said lines in real life? I still use “Crash and Burn” from Top Gun whenever … Continue reading

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The worst climb I ever had!

I was doing my lunch time walk on a sunny day in Seattle. Just kind of cruising along, not thinking anything in particular, when suddenly a past climb popped into my head. For some reason, I started thinking about my … Continue reading

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Book Review: Triking Down the Pacific Coast by Terry Davis

Last week, while on the coast, I decided I really wanted to read something about Oregon, specifically the coast, while I was there.  I guess I figured I was embracing the vacation completely, and wanted it to be in all … Continue reading

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Coming Home from Plan C

Yes folks, the last day dawned this morning, and Michelle and I had to pack up and load the car. We had a log drive ahead of us, so we actually set an alarm for the first time in a … Continue reading

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