Take Responsibility for your actions!

You may or may not know something about me.  I work for a Northwest insurance company, that provides auto, home and boat insurance to our customers.  I like to refer to it as the Mighty P.  Currently, I am a trainer of new hires.  However, 23 years ago, I was the claims cowboy, a liability adjuster who investigated accidents and settled claims.

I tell you this because this post is based on something I read that made both my bike riding and insurance self pretty damn mad! Continue reading “Take Responsibility for your actions!”

The Bike Makes it all OK

Ever hear the old saying, “Doctors make the worst patients?”  Personally, I have always wondered whether this was coined by nurses who got stuck having to take the vitals of someone who “could do it him or herself!”

Well I think I can also coin a different phrase: “Trainers make the worst students!”  Or maybe its just me… Continue reading “The Bike Makes it all OK”

Passing on a request from a friend!

Folks, I’ve heard some say you don’t make real friends on Facebook.  I call BS on that, as I have done just that many time!  Once such person is my buddy Joe Kurmaskie (who is also one helluva a cycling author check out his Metal Cowboy page).  Joe has made a self admitted shameless plug for unused or unneeded airline vouchers/miles.


I have seen this man, time and time again, give his time, energy and money to others in need. Plus, his 4 kids are the luckiest boys to have this man as a dad.  Between him and his wife Beth who teaches at an inner city Portland school, these two are truly amazing people.  So please read his heartfelt and truly entertaining request below!  If you can help, give him a shout!  (I want to be clear here, he did NOT ask for me to use the blog to help, I am doing so because I think he in an incredible human being, and his books have given me hours of pleasure!)

Continue reading “Passing on a request from a friend!”

Recon Mission

Well y’all, it is time to get serious.  I have less than 2 months until the Seattle to Portland double century.  It’s coming closer faster than I expected.  As usual though, I really just don’t think I’ve cranked out enough miles to get ready for it.  So it was time today to take some steps to add to the miles. Continue reading “Recon Mission”

Another Ibuprofen Day

Today was a much different day than yesterday.  Michelle and I slept in until after 8, and we were able to sit, hang out and have breakfast.  No yard work, no dump trucks delivering, just a relax day, aside from a few errands.

So this evening, I am reading, Michelle is watching Anthony Bourdain, and the Manchild is surfing the web in the background.  I was going to skip the blog tonight, but then, when I was on Facebook, I stumbled on the photo of another ibuprofen induced day, and thought I would share the story.image Continue reading “Another Ibuprofen Day”

It will be an ibuprofen morning!

Folks, I am honestly not brown-nosing when I tell you my wife Michelle doesn’t ask for much. It’s one of the many things I love about her.  If she wants something she will generally just buy the thing herself or do it before I get home.  That is one independent lady, and I like that.

So when she does ask for something I do my best to make it happen!  So, when she said “Can we have one day of the three-day weekend be a yard day?” I agreed completely!  Continue reading “It will be an ibuprofen morning!”

Make it work people!

Ever watch a movie enough times that you know all the lines? Even better, You’ve watched it enough that you look for opportunities to use said lines in real life? I still use “Crash and Burn” from Top Gun whenever possible, and, maybe not out loud, but in my head I have said more than one “Let’s show this prehistoric bitch how we do things down town!” (Ghostbusters) Even “Let’s Kick this Pig!” comes from a stupid movie called Down Periscope.

The reason I bring this up though, is I was able to apply a line from Silverado last night, “The world is what you make of it, friend. If it doesn’t fit, you make alterations.” This allowed me to get a ride in last night AND today! Continue reading “Make it work people!”