Racking up the miles: April 2014

I don’t know what it is like where you are, but around here the weather has been screwy.  Earlier in the month we had serious wetness.  Where it would start to rain and then finally slow down in the afternoon.  We had a freak storm hit a park I used to cycle in, Point Defiance, and knock over a few 100 year old trees.  And yes, even a very rare tornado (just a tiny one) hit near a small town.

Then, out of nowhere, yesterday hit, and I rode home in 86 degree weather!  Today will be the same.  I admit, I am a wimp when it comes to heat, so I am looking forward to the mid 60s planned for the weekend.  Overall, though, its been an eventful month…

First off within the first week, I hit a new odometer milestone!  The numbers ticked over to 15,000!


This was enough of a milestone that after over a year and 400 posts, the blog name was changed to reflect the new total.  I know many people who don’t keep track of miles.  To me though it’s a reminder of how far I’ve come and the adventures and events that have happened to me on the back of the bike.  It just makes me smile.

April is also REI dividend month, this year my big purchase was something I’d been wanting and needing for the bike for a long time.  With over $200 in my dividend AND the 20% off coupon, this came home with me!


Now I really don’t have any excuse NOT to learn to do my own work on the bike.  I can do minor things, but tune up, not so much.  I am in serious need of taking classes.

Since I couldn’t do it myself (YET), I did get it into shop.  It was my first time using one close to home, and they did an excellent job!  It runs like a top now!  Which is good as the first Century ride is Sunday!

Finally, one of the coolest bike related things this month is that I put together the bike to work team for the Mighty P. May is bike to work month in Washington State.  Its how I started commuting last year and kept going all winter.  I can tell its working because this is what I found at the indoor bike rack at work yesterday.


I know, 5 bikes doesn’t look like much, but I have never seen that many before.  (3 was the previous record).  I am very pleased that I am helping people try it for the first time.  My buddy John tracked me down yesterday to brag about how much fun it was and that he completed his first trip to work on 2 wheels.  I hope he ends up enjoying it as much as I do.

As far as cycling itself went, the month was OK.  I got a couple of 40 mile routes, plus the normal bike commutes in.  I would have preferred longer rides, but you do what you can do.  Overall mileage for the month, 284.  Not bad, 21 less than 2013.  On Sunday I will match over a third of the month of April’s total.

But when you add the off bike stuff to the miles logged, it was a pretty damn good bike month!

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  1. This time last year I had my but in the saddle for 400kms, this year 38kms! The weather has been absolutely horrible. I hope May is kinder.

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