Cocky I tell ya!

Do you ever have a day when you just feel cocky? You know the day I mean. You just feel like you are walking with a swagger; things are going right at work; you are getting crap done; you are feeling good and even the music coming out of whatever player you are listening to just seems perfect!


These days are rare, but today at work was one of them!

I am not sure why. Maybe it’s because I knew the day would be much better temperature wise for me. The last two days, out of the blue hit the upper 80s. Today, at lunch, it was 63, filtered sun, and a breeze! Perfect!! I could do that all summer. It just kept the good mood going.  I get CRANKY when it is hot.

I first noticed it when I started talking about the May Day Classic century ride on Sunday. The weather forecast is calling for showers and 60 for the ride. When I saw that I just smiled inside. Last year’s Reach the Beach century was my wettest one to date. Instead of being unhappy aovut , I found myself wondering, “Wonder if I will beat that record! Bring it!” And it brought a stupid grin to my face.

Shoot, I even signed up for the second century of May. The Flying Wheels Summer Classic on May 31st. This now means May will start and end with a 100 mile ride. Which will go a long way in getting me ready for long training rides in June and then the Seattle to Portland in July.

Work was the same; I hit the floor running when I got there. And it was one of those rare days that I just felt like I was slam dunking anything I touched! Prep for next week’s class, DONE! Update material for next month, done! Feedback on a big meeting yesterday, DONE! I have always called myself “The Wind!” when I am in a hurry. Today that name fit while at my desk. Fingers of fire I tell ya!

I then checked the stats for the bike to work team, we have a full team and most had already logged at least one trip this year I went out of my comfort zone and organized the team.

poster 2

This year two ladies from HR have taken upon themselves to help support it (and therefore me) which is making it more successful and fun! My goal is to get one person to enjoy it enough to do it year round.

Of course it could be that it’s Friday and payday. That makes everyone happy.

I like days like these. We all deserve them. Shoot, I was walking fast enough at lunch (another sign of being cocky) Three times though I had to bite my tongue from saying “On your left!” cyclists, and even pedestrians on the bike paths understand this. In downtown Seattle? They would just look at me weird, and I’d run the risk of an older person hitting me with a cane.

You know, it might just be that I feel better today than I have all week.  It reminds me of the day after a bad hangover, I was always amazed how much better I felt 2 days after a party in college!

Honestly, there is not much of a purpose for this post but to let the world know that even though I am not cycling today (resting the legs a bit for Sunday) I am having great day. I very much hope yall are as well!

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