The big ride tomorrow!

I will never know how some people do it.  Tomorrow is the May Day Classic century ride. Federal Way to Carbonado (near Mount Rainier).  I will guarantee you I will see people riding with just what they can carry in the small under saddle bag and whatever can be stuffed in the bike jersey.

I can almost see doing this on a sunny, warm summer ride.  but tomorrow is scheduled to be rainy.  For me this means extra prep!

First off clothes.  I am busting out the rain pants, wet weather gloves and the gortex jacket.  I will be both dry and warm.

rain shell

This is a fully supported ride, but there are long stretches that are pretty remote between the rest stops.  This means I want to be ready for anything.  Spare tubes, my own food, tools and extra layers just in case.

Of course, to carry all this, the small under the seat pack won’t work.  Though I have tried time and time again, I have just not been able to ditch the trunk bag.


Yes it adds to the weight I will carry, but its much less than the full panniers I use on the daily commute.  I will feel much lighter with these.  Frequently, other riders will pitch me crap about having them, but it hasn’t prevented me from completing any ride I’ve attempted.  I just hate the “Damn I wish I woulda brought..” comment.

OK, equipment done.  Food.  I will make a big turkey, salami and cheese bagel sandwich on a sourdough bagel for breakfast tomorrow.  It’s a 40 minute drive from here to the starting line, so plenty of time to munch on it.

In addition, two PBJs, a couple of packs of shot blocks, and these!


Egg, rice cheese and mushroom mini frittatas!  Each one is good for 20 miles at least.  The advantage to having this along is to minimize time at the food stops.  Now I can skip them if I have enough liquid, or refill the bottles and grab just a cookie.  Food stops can be the biggest delay in a century ride.  I rarely stop at them all.

The last thing I needed was safety pins, for the bib number (even though it will be under a few layers!)  When I grabbed them, I remembered I hadn’t archived the last few bibs.

I am NOT a scrap booker, nor sentimental at all, but I like to look back and know what I have accomplished.  For this, I started the archive book.

imageIt contains EVERY number from the 50+ different events that I have done.  Each one also has a short summary or the ride, run, or stair climb, along with the time it took to do it.

imageimageThis has come in handy many times over the years.  I can look back at something I’ve done before to know how hard it was, or to tell other people what I thought.  Of the over 50 events, there have been 20 bike rides.  Most of these are at least 100 miles.  Some are more.  I can easily say that 2000 of my over 15o00 miles have come from these days.

There are other things in there as well.  The two articles and the one photo that I have had published.

Lava Dome Rock fall in the Crater Of St Helens
Lava Dome Rock fall in the Crater Of St Helens

My certificate from the day I went sky diving.  As well as a few photos from Mt Rainier.

Every now and then, usually on a cold rainy winter day, I break it out and just leaf through it.  Some runs were done with friends, some of the events were with the man child.

Eric hitting finish line
Eric hitting finish line

But each one has something about it that made it worth doing, sometimes more than once.

I sometimes think about stopping the archive.  In all honesty, it’s probably silly.  Someday I will reach the point where there won’t be anymore, and it will get dusty on the shelf.  Then someday it will be one more piece of clutter that needs to be taken care of after I bite the dust WAY in the future.

But, then I when I look at it, it always makes me smile.  I can see I used to be a pretty damn good runner, and even did a half marathon.  I can show exactly when I did my first century and the first double century.  Over the years I’ve done  helluva lot, and I am proud of it!  So the archive continues.

So, when this publishes tomorrow, I will be on the road, carrying the newest bib, and looking to complete 106 wet and windy miles, hell there may even be lightning.  Like the wind!


5 thoughts on “The big ride tomorrow!

  1. Good luck for your ride! That is a lot of stuff you’re taking with you. I’m totally with you on the snacks – it’s always better to have more food than you need, than to risk running out – but aren’t all those layers going to make you too hot? I find I can only wear waterproofs when it’s really cold out. Once it hits 10 degrees or above (by 10 I mean degrees C, which would be around 50 degrees F) I’m sweating so much inside them there’s no point wearing them.

    1. I was riding in shorts only :). Which helped, and yep I ended up wearing everything once or twice. I tried to not switch back to the rain coat at the end, but it just wouldn’t stop coming down! Great ride but WET!

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