Yes we want you to believe it rains here all the time!

Today is one of those days that fits the stereotype people believe is true for Seattle.  Yep, here it is May, supposedly closing in on Summer, and as you might expect, it is raining outside.  However, as a true north westerner, (even though I wasn’t born here) I was still wearing shorts and sandals while running around.

After we got home though, I was sitting and reading in the comfy chair when I noticed Norbert flitting around outside the window.  Norbert is the name we have given to all the hummingbirds that visit our feeder and flowers.


As he buzzed away, it made me think how much I like living up here Washington. 

I am not sure how things are where you are.  But one of the reasons I like it here is the fact we get hummingbirds year round.  Some people believe it’s because people have feeders out, and they tell people doing so is harmful to the little guys.  However, our hummers like it here in the winter.

They are able to find enough bugs to keep them going, and if they happen to stumble over a feeder, they are happy to partake in yummy drink.  There was one year I was working from home during a pretty good snow storm.  Every half hour or so I would go out and clear the feeder.  Soon after, Norbert (or multiple Norberts) would swoop in!  I am sure they believe I was put here to make sure they could eat.  I was happy to help.

The hummer is just a smart part of why I love it here.  I have shared quite a few pictures over the life of the blog showing some shots of nature from the back of the bike.  However, there is no better way to get in touch or see things others never will, than to hike.  So today I want to show you a few.  Who knows, maybe it will help you buy a set of boots and hit the trails.

imageNow some people think hiking is hard.  Or to get to something cool you have to hike forever.  Well that may be true other places, but this is Franklin Falls.  It’s less than 2 miles from the road and the trail was relatively flat.  One of the advantages to the wet climate IS waterfalls.  Plus they are natural air conditioning in the summer!

Yes there are harder trails, and I had a habit of finding them.  Granite Mountain, close to the falls as a the crow flies, but a long 4 mile straight up walk, if you aint a crow, will take you to this fire look out.


It’s no longer used for watching for fires, but some of these can be rented out over night.  Haven’t done it, but sounds cool!

Mt Si, an easier climb, but still 4 miles long can be very crowded.  However, if you are gutsy enough for a rock scramble, you can get away from people and see things others miss.


Or, if lakes are more of your style, ours sometimes still have ice even when the lower areas are in the middle of summer


Not into hard climbs or mountains at all?  (I won’t ever understand that, but to each their own!) How about a stroll on the beach?  Warning:  This is a northwest beach.  No bikinis or sun bathing.  Bring fleece, gortex, gloves and kites.  Cold yes, but without a doubt gorgeous!


Now for the something unique too us.  We have our own culture, sense of humor and way to do things here.  Meaning sometimes we pull out all the stops to help you cross a river.


While other times we make it a bit more rustic

Carbon river

What’s even better though, you never know what you will find on the other side.  Ever wanted a bathroom with a view?


Even the top of mountains aren’t always what you’d expect.  Mail Box peak is a butt kicker of a 3 mile climb.  Someone at sometime decided if that was the name of the mountain, then it should live up to it!


Yep, inside you will find climbers logs and a Dr Seuss books.  I once saw a couple reading one of them to their little as they changed a diaper on top.  Only in the Northwest.

Plus, if you are really lucky, you might run into one of the cutest critters in the northwest, the Pika.

imageNormally I hate rodents, but these guys make me smile.  They are all over the granite rock falls you can find in the mountains, and will sneak up to steal your power bar if you aren’t watchful.

So as you can see, there is more to us than rain.  I will admit, the winter can be a bit gray and dreary to some.  But its the rain and snow that create the mountains that I love so much.

This is why when people ask “Does it rain all the time?”  We say, “YES it does!  You would hate it!”  Why?  Cuz if people came out and discovered the truth, we’d be over run, and I’d never have a quiet day in the mountains again!

However, for those of you who visit Mountainstroh, I decided to share.  BUT don’t tell anyone else!  Keep it our secret!

PS Except the waterfall shot (I asked a family to snap it for me) I took all of these over the years.

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