Hehehehehe FIRE!!

We do things a little differently in Strohville.  This weekend of course was Mothers Day.  Now I am not sure what it is like in your neck of the woods, but around here, places to eat  on Mother’s day itself are mobbed!  That means long lines, noisy places and grouchy people.

To avoid this, we took the 80 year mom in law out to lunch yesterday!  Still crowded, but much less so.  I had a killer meatloaf sandwich!  This meant that today, Michelle and I had a free day!

Well, for me, free day means saddle up and ride!  And ride I did.  The alarm was set for 530 (though I may have hit snooze a time or two) and I was up soon after getting ready to go.

I hit the road at 630, heading down the Burke Gilman trail to do the Lake Washington loop.  One of the things I learned back in my hiking days was that most people were not on the trails on Mother’s day.  This held true for cycling as well.  I had the BG to myself.

The weather man said it was supposed to be nice today, and it wasn’t raining.  But I am glad I bundled up. It was cold out there!  I also had to dodge detours at UW, they seem to be doing their best to mess with this Cougar cyclist!

I made it down and around the Renton airport and headed back north.  I am bummed though, later I saw a tweet that the famous B-17, the Memphis Belle was down there today.  I really woulda liked to have seen it.

I made sure to stop and call my mom as well!  I didn’t want to wake her up!  But knowing here, she was awake before me!  About that time, the sun came out (coincidence?  I am not sure!) So I shucked a layer and kept going.

Coming north was pretty much uneventful, except that is was MY turn to share the road in Kirkland.  There was a half marathon going on, and the bike lane was given to the runners.  Considering how often my organized rides, impact and impede car travel, its only fair that I gave back.

I cranked out 58 miles (saying happy moms day to every mom I saw)  and got back to my car.  As I was changing shoes, I heard a wolf whistle, behind me was an SUV.  There sat our friend Lauren, our wine expert at the local Thriftway (also a fellow blogger at The Mama Somm if you like wine, check her out!) and her kids. She made me feel good when I heard her say, “When I saw a cyclist following the rules but wearing an ugly Coug shirt it HAD to be Tony!” (she is NOT a fan of cyclists or their behaviors, so she appreciates I do not go out of my way to make life rough on drivers.)

Its funny, I never run into people I know.  Lauren though, I see EVERYWHERE!  Maybe she is stalking me!  Down deep she is a really a Coug at heart!

While I was gone, Michelle had gone for a 7 mile walk with our friend Sue.  We were BOTH tired!  You might think we’d take the rest of the day off.  (It IS Mother’s day) but NOPE we had stuff to do!

We made the run to Costco, Thriftway and Starbucks in record time.  Finally we were home for good!   Rest time?

NOPE!  Grass mowing time!  It had been WAY too long!  My tired legs had to work hard to push that old mower through the prairie that had grown!  An hour later, I was done, as was Michelle with some weeding.

PHEW!  NOW rest time!  NOPE!

We have an old patio that ended up getting overgrown.  Instead of trying to pull all the weeds I decided to fall back on superior fire power and higher intelligence! (Well maybe intelligence is up for question)


Yep, a propane torch!  Notice all the grass and weeds!  I went to town on that little area.  It’s a good time of year to do so, as the lawn is still damp.  There was no worries about setting the yard on fire, which I have done!


This time, though, I did not!  I did however lose some hair on my legs!  Luckily I have a lot  to spare.  However 30 minutes of burning and sweeping later.


All the moss, weeds and grass were literally toast!  (Fire Heheheheheheh!)

So NOW was it time to rest?  Almost, I was starving!  It was time to call Azteca for Nachos to go!  Two orders!!

NOW, as I type this, tummy is full, tools are put away and yes it is time to take a break!  Michelle enjoyed her Mom’s Day and we both got a lot down!  I am damn glad we are going on vacation this week though!  I am a bit tuckered!

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