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One of the bad things of starting a new job is vacation time. You end up starting with 0 hours and have to accrue. Since I restarted at the mighty P in March of 13, I am just now at the point where we have enough time to get away.

By the time this posts in the morning, Michelle and I will be heading for, or hopefully AT the airport, ready to fly off to DC.

This means of course that Michelle will have to deal with my travel routine.


Now personally I consider myself an excellent traveler! However, there are just a few things that I do to make it happen.

First, there has to be 3 copies of the boarding pass printed. And for good reason! This stems from the legendary trip to the Rose Bowl. I was heading down with Scott, Grant and Rob. We got the airport in plenty of time, all we had was carry-on, so we went straight to security.

I went through, got my boarding pass checked, through the metal detectors and out the other side. To this day, I am not sure how I accomplished this, but I somehow LOST the boarding pass between the ID check and the other side of the metal detector! I dug through everything. Shoot I musta looked worried, as the security guard came over to check on me. Of course my friends said “See ya!” and headed for the gate.

Now you may wonder why I wasn’t mad at them. Well my WSU Cougs NEVER make it to the Rose Bowl. No way they were gonna miss it! I woulda left them to.

However, a quick trip to customer service (which on the other side of security HAS no lines) and I was good to go!

Nowadays I put the three copies in three different places. No worries now!

However, the passes do need to be printed the day before. I’ve always done this, but after a trip to Spokane, I now know why. Last year, Alaska Airlines computers crashed. No one could get their passes at the airport or at home. This of course meant they couldn’t get through TSA. 1000’s of people were stuck out there, no seats, very few food options and getting cranky. I wasn’t flying out on time, but I was able to get my coffee, kick back and read. Prior planning comes in handy!

Then there is getting to the airport. 2 hours means 2.5 or even 3. I know this is annoying, but I want time to get through without having to stress. All I need is the person in front of me getting stuck without ID, or traffic being screwed, or something else going wrong and then you miss your flight. I want time to get my coffee, a bagel breakfast sandwich and relax. Yes it means sometimes we are at the airport WAY too soon, but better soon than late.

Finally, and this is where I know I drive my poor wife nuts, there is the plane itself. Not the boarding of the plane, but it being there! I do not relax and get into vacation  until I see my plane, and if it’s a connecting flight, my LAST plane, at the gate. Until then, there is no guarantee that we will be taking off on time at all. No take off, no vacation. So while we sit, I keep an eye on the gate and the agent. Once the big white plane is there. I relax some. Once the last plane is in the air, with my butt in a seat, then I am truly in vacation mode.

While flying, I kick back, read and have no problems at all. The pilots I trust, the planes are Boeing this time, and I trust them more than any other. It’s the Airline, the airports, and TSA that I have less faith in.

Driving vacations are SO much less stressful, but you can only go so far in a car in the time we have off! The key though, is that it is time away and Michelle and I get to leave the everyday stress behind.  AND I have never been to DC so I am excited to see it!

Not sure how often I will post for the next week, but I will do so for sure when I get back!

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