Plan C

Ladies and gents, I will fully admit something.  I am NOT planner.  My wife Michelle loves me to pieces, but the fact that I do not look to the future does drive her nuts..

Howcver, went life tanks, and something needs to happen right now, Mountainstroh shines!  I am one of the best at coming up with the “What the hell do we do now?” scenario!

Today, as we started on our vacation was one of those days!

We were scheduled to fly out at 9:47 today to go to Washington DC.  Our flight went to Dallas, and then on to the Capitol.   Since the airport is 30 miles from the house, I set the alarm for 5 AM.

So 5 rolls around, I spill out of bed and check the phone.  Lo and behold, our flight has been delayed to 11:47!!  (I had a voicemail).  Well wno sense in getting up now, Michelle and I were both tired, we went back to bed till 7.  Why Michelle, who booked the flight had no voicemail we still do not know.

Up at 7, showered, Starbucks and finished packing, we headed down the road.  I will say we wondered why Michelle, who booked the tickets, didn’t have a call, but we didn’t worry about it.  I had the info, so we knew what was going on.

We get to the airport, and head for American Airlines.  Being the smart travelers we are, we went straight to the self-check in kiosk.  Even though we were checking a bag, it still works!  That is until Michelle checked in!

I was on the flight to Dallas then DC, and scheduled to be there at 1030 PM.  She somehow ended up on a flight to Chicago and wouldn’t be there till 1 AM!  Different flights and not traveling together BAD! 

OK, as much as we didn’t want to, that means stand in line for the check in desk.  OK, here is bitch number one.  Dallas, a main hub was screwed for some reason.  That means a TON of people are in line.  They have 2, count em, reps at the desk.  It took us half an hour to figure out we were in trouble.  During that half hour, the lady at the front of line had NOT made it to the desk. (I was watching).  We were 25 people back from her at least.  

Now I may not plan ahead, but lord I am VERY good at “The defecation has hit the rotisiere device” and we need to do something now!

And that’s what we did.  Dallas was screwed.   But Michelle’s flight to Chicago had room.  So we both checked into our flights, she took the check in bag and we got into the security line.  It was LONG!  My theory though, is that it is SO much easier to fix things on the far side of TSA (see yesterdays post) so if we could get there all would be good!

Now Sea Tac has one thing going for it.  Once you get through security, you can get to every gate!  TSA announced “check stand 5 has no wait!” We bailed and got through in 10 minutes!  Boo yah!  OK we reached the promise land!  Time to get on the same plane!

However, we got to Michelle’s gate, and the line was massive.  Dallas was still messed up and everyone was trying to get it resolved!  However, one trick I forgot to mention yesterday is this: “If your gate is screwed, go to ANY gate with the same airline!”  Sure as hell, D8 had no line and soon I was booked on the same flight as Michelle!  PHEW!  We both go through Chicago.

OK time for lunch!  It was 1045, and we were both hungry, so we hit Anthony’s Seafood Restaurant in the airport.  We had lotsa time!  So there we were, having lunch when Michelle glanced at the TV.  The headline read “ALL flights into and out of CHICAGO grounded!”

What the hell!! We JUST got the flights booked!   We are on the same plane and it goes through Chicag0!!!

To GOOGLE!  Sure enough there is a problem. However, before I found it, I found one the jetways (the corridors to the plane when you get on and off) at Sea Tac had collapsed and was on the ground!!!  (OK not ours but not a good sign).  The travel gods were NOT happy with us!

As far as O’Hare went, there was smoke in a control tower.  ALL planes grounded…

Our flight was still showing on time though.  So we walked the airport for exercise and kept checking the departure boards.  At one point I turned to her and said. “If this flight gets cancelled, screw it! We are going to the Oregon coast instead!”  You see, we lost one day to travel already, if our flight was cancelled we’d lose another!

One hour later, sure as hell, the flight was cancelled!  OK!  Plan A was we fly like normal, plan B was we switched to her flight, (which was screwed up because the fan in the lady’s room of the control tower in Chicago started to smoke) Plan C was get our bag, screw DC and head south!

As soon as we made that call everything seemed to go right!

First we went to a different gate and they took care of giving us a credit for the flight, Done!   We got down to baggage claim, and ours was one of the first bags off the plane, Done!  We got to the parking shuttle island and there was a shuttle to our car, DONE!  When we got to Wallypark, the girl went to the manager to waive the $20 fee for being there 5 hours.

So now we made it to the ocean, and are in the room at Seaside Oregon.

imageTomorrow we will head south and spend the week looking at the ocean and relaxing.  It is NOT what we planned, but it will be a very relaxing week!

Plan C is not a bad thing.



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